The 11 most cooked things to ever come out of The Honey Badger's mouth

Literal gibberish.

By Katie Stow

We are gagging to see The Honey Badger don his finest black-tie suit and woo a bunch of lasses on The Bachelor. We reckon old mate Nick Cummins may be the greatest Bachelor yet as we've already fallen for his philanthropic nature and rock hard abs. But perhaps the thing that makes the Badger stand out the most is his, er, highly original way of getting his point across.

Mr. Cummins has become somewhat famous for his turn of phrase, opting for rather left-of-field terms to describe his feelings. Which we're sure will make for some hilarious heart-to-hearts on The Bachelor!

Here we round up the most cooked shit The Honey Badger has ever spouted from his moustache-lined mouth. Google translate at the ready...