Shane Warne responds to the major rumour he's going to be the next Bachelor

Hold up, wait a minute.

By Jessica Chandra

Sophie Monk was Australia’s first-ever celebrity to appear on The Bachelorette as the woman looking for the love of her life. Actually, she was the first celebrity to ever appear in the global franchise, which is why it was a big deal.

Since celebrities are usually more on the ~private side~ when it comes to talking about their romantic relationships, it wouldn’t be easy to convince someone who’s already in the public eye to let the whole country watch them go on dates, and fall in love.

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But Sophie was always open about the fact that she was the one who approached Channel Ten and Warner Bros. to be the Bachelorette, not the other way around. So of course she would have been up for all the exposure that comes with being the star of a show like that. (Though, unlike regular people, she was able to take off to Thailand while the show was on, and also seemed to organise some of her own media appearances… because she’s Sophie Monk, and she could.)

The success of Sophie’s season — the finale pulled in 2.2 million viewers, which gave Channel Ten its biggest audience of the year, and was a massive improvement on the 875,000 people who watched Georgia Love’s finale last year — means Channel Ten will probably hope to recreate that success by potentially tapping another celebrity to lead the franchise.

And there’s already one shock name in the mix: Shane Warne.

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The report, from New Idea, said Warnie had been approached by Network Ten bosses for the gig, and that he was “ironing out the finer details” of his contract, which was believed to be worth $1 million (!!).

A source said the 48-year-old father-of-three made sense as a Bachelor because “whatever he does always ends up in the media, so he figures why not give it a shot.”

OK, OK, before you lose your shit (whether in a good or bad way), Warnie has already taken to Twitter to address the rumours.

“Once AGAIN ‘No Idea’ has completely made up a story about me being the new bachelor ! This is hurtful to me & my children as it’s total lies,” he wrote. “Ps I have not had one conversation with anyone about this. How can they continue to print lies about me, make up stories & get away with it?”

Sooo… It looks like Warnie will NOT be handing out roses in 2018.

But that doesn’t mean the ex-cricketer — who has three kids with his ex-wife, Simone Callahan, and has also dated Elizabeth Hurley — isn’t looking for love, especially since his Twitter Bio says he’s “still single.”