9 reasons we think Laura is Matty J's winner on 'The Bachelor Australia'

We could be wrong but we feel we’re right.

By Jessica Chandra

The Bachelor Australia may have only just started, but it’s never too early to start predicting the winner.

We have a strong hunch that Laura Byrne, the 30-year-old jewellery designer from NSW, could be the lucky babe who wins Matty J’s heart at the end of it — and we have pretty good evidence to back our theory.

That said, we all thought Nikki Gogan would win Richie Strahan’s season last year — how wrong were we?!

The Georgia Love connection.

There’s no denying that Laura bears a striking resemblance to Georgia Love, the star of last year’s The Bachelorette Australia who broke Matty’s heart.

OK, they’re not twins, but they have similar features, stature and hair — no wonder some of the girls called it at the first cocktail party.

We’re not saying Matty has a type, but… he might have a type.

The ‘reverse parking’ clue.

This is the hint that had people speculating Laura was the show’s winner before it even started!

Laura’s Instagram bio used to mention that she was the ‘Queen of reverse parking.’ In Matty’s profile for The Bachelorette Australia last year, he was asked, “What’s the weirdest thing you find attractive about a woman?” to which he replied, “The ability to reverse park a car with ease.”

Interesting… and even more suss is that Laura’s Instagram bio has now changed — she deleted the bit about reverse parking.

The snow clue.

Based on both Laura and Matty’s Insta accounts, they’ve both been to the snow recently. They haven’t been at the same place — their geo-tags indicate Laura has been in Queenstown, and Matty has been at Perisher — but still! Maybe one of them has been sneaky with their location tagging.

Even if they weren’t at the snow together, the fact that Laura’s into snowboarding and ~adventure sports~ further proves Matty would find her attractive AF.

A few more signs…

They had a ~normal~ but cute introduction. Laura didn’t need the help of flame throwers or a police car to get Matty’s attention — she was just herself. Matty also liked that she was ambitious because she has her own jewellery line.

They’re the same age. Laura is 30, and Matty just turned 30.

They’re both from NSW. This geographical sitch means she and Matty live in the same state. Even though Matty has said he would be open to moving, he’s also made it clear it would be ideal if the girl he picked lived in the same state.

She loves kids. Matty has said a dealbreaker would be if a girl didn’t want to start a family. Based on this photo, Laura has no problem with babies.

Matty pulled her aside first. When the introductions were done and the cocktail party officially got started, Matty approached Laura for his first chat. Sadly it didn’t last long, because they were interrupted by Elora and her fire spinners (rude, LOL).

She’s coming across really well on TV. Unlike Jennifer, Leah, and some of the other chicks, Laura is coming across as a really normal, likeable person on The Bachelor Australia. We know the villains are there for entertainment and ~drama~ purposes, so they probably won’t go all the way. Laura has been set up in a really positive way, which is a good sign (for her) at this stage.