Here are all the signs Matty J will be the next Bachelor

BRB gonna submit our application again.

By Jessica Chandra
Matty J The Bachelorette Australia 2016

UPDATE 10/02/2017: KIIS FM reports that Matty J is pretty much locked in as the next Bachelor, and it just needs to be officially announced. The signs? He has reportedly been offered the role and has taken a “three-month-long absence” from work.

Now we just have to wait for the official announcement…

ORIGINAL STORY 02/12/2016:

Matty J does not have a girlfriend. WE REPEAT: Matty J does NOT have a girlfriend!

There were some images that popped up over the weekend of Matty at the beach with an attractive babe called Nathalie Darcas – she’s a model who’s been on the cover of Take 5 magazine, and apparently they met over Instagram.

However! Matty J has denied he has a girlfriend, telling the Daily Telegraph, “I am still very much single enjoying that in the moment. I am not going to rush into anything.”


Matty… could this be because you’re gearing up to be the next Bachelor?

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Filming for season five of The Bachelor Australia kicks off in February, which means if Matty J is the next one handing out roses, he doesn’t have that long to wait. (And can still fit in a ~fun~ summer, woo.)

He hasn’t said in as many words that he will be the next Bachelor, but all the signs are pointing to YES. Which signs, you may ask? These ones:

He hasn’t shot down the idea of being the Bachelor. Sure, straight after he had his heart broken on national television, when Georgia Love told him she had fallen in love with someone else (Lee Elliott) on the finale of The Bachelorette, he used a marathon analogy when asked if he wanted to be the next Bachelor. “At the moment, because it’s just ended, it feels like you’ve just finished running a marathon, and the moment you cross the finish line someone asks if you want to run another marathon, and your reaction is, ‘Absolutely no way, I couldn’t think of anything worse,’” he told ELLE. “Maybe in a few months’ time, once I’ve had a bit of recovery time under my belt, it might be a different scenario.” Um, we are now at “a few months’ time.” #JustSaying

He hasn’t gone to that many events. As soon as both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette had finished airing on TV, the contestants were EVERYWHERE: at the races, at fashion events, at magazine events, at the races… but not Matty. Matty has been pretty selective with his post-TV appearances, popping at the Polo in the City (where he looked all class in his suit) and the launch party for the Royal Croquet Club at Bondi Beach, his hood. (Not at all awkward that one of his dates with Georgia was croquet-themed…) This could mean two things: a) He actually isn’t that interested in the ‘scene’ that comes with being a reality star, or b) He’s making sure he doesn’t over-expose himself before filming for The Bachelor starts. Hmm. Insert thinking face emoji here.

He hasn’t Instagrammed that much. Matty J’s Instagram following blew up as soon as he flicked that switch from ‘private’ to ‘public,’ but he has only posted eight photos since the show ended. Other contestants have gone to town with their Instagram posts – and have also made a bit of extra cash via some product placement (all about the side hustle) – but not Matty. He has given us one shirtless beach shot, a photo from the Polo, and an ovary-explosion-inducing picture from his nephew George’s christening, where he’s with FIVE babies. Or maybe he just cares a lot about his Instagram grid.

He said he’s “honoured” people want him to be the Bachelor. The interview quotes that really got everyone excited were the ones where he said, “I haven’t been asked but the fact that people are even suggesting I could be a good fit for it, I am really honoured by that. There’s definitely things that are appealing about the prospect of going on the show again.”

He’s already got a rose tattoo. OK so he did not commemorate his time on The Bachelorette with a tattoo – it’s actually for his nanna, whose name is Rose (and he has nine tatts in total). But if he does become the Bachelor his ink will take on even more meaning.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Matty can’t comment on whether he’s been approached for the gig, but his casting would make a lot of sense, because all of Australia fell in love with him and would watch a series with more Matty. And at the end of the day we just want him to be happy, right?

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Anyway, if you’re still considering applying, Matty or no Matty, here’s where you can apply. Ours have already been submitted, BTW.