7 signs your relationship is for reals

Forever ever, forever ever?

You've got a new boo and there's no doubt you're both smitten, but has it got the potential to go the distance? Here are seven signs your ~good thing~ is cut out for the long haul.

1. You've met a bunch of their mates. You don't have to froth on every single one of them, but they're decent people you'd wanna be mates with too.

2. You don't play games. There's no doubt about your feelings for each other, and the games you used to play with people you dated now just seem petty AF. Basically, you're all in.

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3. You can't imagine wanting to hurt them. And the idea of even unintentionally hurting them makes you cringe. If they do something you don't like, your first thought isn't to retaliate—you'd rather let them know you were hurt by it so that they know it's an issue and go out of their way not to do it again.

4. You don't feel the need to share little details about your relationship with other people. "Other people" includes: your BFF, desk buddy, and/or any random drunk girl in a bathroom at 2am who'll listen. You can share your happiness and might ask a mate for advice from time-to-time, but most of what happens between the two of you stays private.

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5. You respect their relationships with their family and friends. (That includes exes, if they fall into that last category now.) You're not threatened by or would want to jeopardise those relationships, because you understand that while you might be the most important person in their life right now, you're not the only important person in their life.

6. You communicate with each other. We're not just talking about how your witty Tinder banter quickly turned to text marathons and you tag each other in memes all day, but tricky face-to-face conversations—which you can have without either of you feeling judged, criticised or belittled. You argue from time-to-time, but no one gets aggressive or feels threatened, and at the end of the day you know it's not the be all and end all.

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7. You're not trying to change them. You shouldn't want to date someone only so you can make subtle tweaks to their personality until they more closely resemble your favourite Bachelorette contestant. While seriously problematic or dangerous behaviours are an issue, everyone has weaknesses (except you, obvs), and you can accept theirs as just another part of who they are. Why? Because the list of things you adore about them could go on forevs. (Just like the two of you <3.)