‘The Bachelor Australia’ 2018: The one where things got rather Wolf Creek-ey

Did they hire ‘The Blair Witch Project’ camera crew for this?

By Katie Stow

We're calling it: This was the most cooked episode of The Bachelor Australia yet.

Sure we've seen some rather bizarre kisses and met some very ~special~ contestants, but tonight's episode brought crazy in spades.

It all started off with great intentions. There was the not-so-welcomed invasion of the intruders and a game of moon-bouncing strangeness resulting in an ankle injury before Tenille went on a one-on-one date with Nick to make literal honey. Which, to be honest, was painfully dull.

But then, things really picked up…

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During the cocktail party — no doubt after a fair few bevvies — the drama ramped up, and this will be shocking to absolutely no one: It involved Romy.

The actress (who has a slew of famous ex-boyfriends) started grilling Tenille about her kiss with The Honey Badger, suggesting that Tenille had described it as "disgusting". Tenille then responded with:

Ironically, Romy was wearing an angel-winged dress for this whole palava.

Tenille then stormed off and away from the conversation to have a chat with Shannon, before Romy flapped over again calling Tenille "aggressive" and whatnot. This caused Tenille to do what no contestant has done before: Leave the Bachelor mansion sans shoes and sans chill.

She unzipped her dress, took off her heels and yanked her mic out before storming off and up the driveway. Producers obviously ran after her, asked her to stop running and come back. "Talk to me, what's going on, it's really dark out here," producers ask before Tenille screamed, "I can't handle this! I CAN SEE THE FUCKING CAMERA!"

For reference, the footage legit looked like this:

Which reminds us so much of a bloody Blair Witch or Wolf Creek scene.

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Tenille went on to say that, "everyone is losing their biscuits in this house," which is the most honest analysis of The Bachelor we've ever heard.

She explained that, "I like Nick and I really enjoyed the date, but then I came home and I was treated so differently to everyone else coming back from a date," which is why she was so cheesed off. However, the producer managed to calm her down and convince her to schlep it back to the mansion — using the age old production pull of, "He gave you a rose because he wants to get to know YOU".

Tenille is really sweet and apologises to the producer for saying mean things and running off, before she is whisked straight into a rose ceremony. As she already had a rose, Tenille was safe from being booted off The Bachelor, and the episode saw Rhiannon and Ashlea waving goodbye — leaving the new intruders safe.

Honestly we think we'll have nightmares about this episode/we'll make sure our mate who always runs away from a night out after one too many voddies watches this to see how damn irritating it is when they bugger off.

...You know who you are...