Does this dumb comment confirm that Brittany wins 'The Bachelor' 2018?

Spoiler alert much?!

By Katie Stow

It is honestly Network Ten's ultimate mission to keep The Bachelor winner a big old secret from the world. The winning couple go into hiding and the contestants are banned from writing, sharing or talking about any aspects of the show. This normally keeps them covered, and the only potential threat is from pesky paparazzi who manage to get some revealing pics.

However, this year's winner may have been accidentally leaked by the Bachelor's family!

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Before making her personal Facebook page private this week, Bachelor frontrunner Brittany had a slew of birthday messages on her wall. A sleuthing fan noticed that one of the 'friends' who posted a birthday message was none other than The Honey Badger's sister, Bernadette Cummins Bowler.

"Happy birthday for yesterday," Bernadette commented on post shared by Brittany of herself and the Bachelor taking a dip in the pool.

The post read, "The most perfect end to the most perfect day. Midnight swim was the best idea Nick had all day x."

We have a sneaking suspicion that Bernadette wouldn't be 'friends' on Facebook or wishing a random chick her brother vaguely knows a happy birthday.

Just to further confirm this sneaking suspicion, Nick's brother, Leigh, also liked Brittany's picture of her essentially snogging The Honey Badger. Leigh is also 'friends' with Brittany on Facebook.

As teasers have shown for next week's episode, we know that the contestants get to meet some of Nick's family members soon, so there's a chance that this is where Brittany first met Bernadette and Leigh.

That, or Brittany really got to know the family during homestays and in the final weeks of filming The Bachelor, as that's when the contestants usually get grilled by the Bachelor's siblings and parents.

Bernadette shared a photo of the whole Cummins crew during filming for The Bachelor, with the fam looking excited to meet the girls gunning for their brother's heart.

So does all this sneaky Facebook activity mean that we now know the winner of The Bachelor 2018?! Guess we'll have to keep watching both on the telly and online to see…

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