Alex Nation just gave us something important to think about ahead of 'The Bachelor' finale

She knows this feeling all too well.

By Jessica Chandra

There are just a few hours to go until the finale of The Bachelor Australia 2017, when we will finally find out who Matty J has picked as his forever girl, out of Laura Byrne and Elise Stacy.

There are a lot of emotions involved in this final episode — and not just from the three main people whose feelings are actually on the line. In the past, when viewers have been shocked by the result because they didn’t feel it was the ‘right’ ending, or that the Bachelor had chosen the ‘wrong’ person, things have gotten messy. People became nasty on social media, trolling the Bachelor and his winner, and basically tarnishing what is supposed to be a happy ending.

One person who knows this all too well is Alex Nation, the ~shock twist~ winner of Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor in 2016. It’s not Alex’s fault that Nikki Gogan was a fan favourite, and the one viewers had been led to believe was the woman Richie would choose at the end.

So, in light of what she experienced, Alex posted a message on Instagram, asking viewers to keep in mind that what we see on TV is not the full picture.

She wrote:

Despite the fact that they were both in the running to win the same man’s heart — and that Alex and Richie may have split, but neither have officially commented — it seems Alex and Nikki’s friendship is rock solid. After all, they went through one of the most unique (and emotionally-draining) experiences together.

“A bond like no other @alexandranation,” Nikki commented on the post.

“@nikki_gogan like nothing in this world,” Alex replied.

There were plenty of comments from past and present Bachelor contestants too, cheering Alex on for her encouraging message.

“You are a good egg my love,” wrote Laura Byrne. Then she quoted, “No body has ever become great by making someone small.”

The Bachelor lovefest continued when Alex replied, “@ladyandacat exactly beauty! Will be thinking [of] you tonight.”

It’s definitely something to remember when watching the finale, especially if the result is not how you pictured it to be.

Not long to go now!