Elora from 'The Bachelor' reveals she'd already kissed Matty J at a previous cocktail party

That’s why she was so shocked when he turned her down.

By Jessica Chandra

On The Bachelor Australia 2017, Elora Murger really brought the heat. She lit up the very first cocktail party with her fiery entrance, and Matty J quickly found himself drawn to the hottie, inviting her on the very first single date, and later on, the season’s ~controversial~ overnight date.

Fire puns aside, Elora really was a memorable contestant on The Bachelor this year. The personal trainer, who lives in Sydney but hails from Tahiti, knew what she wanted, and she had no problems going after him. She even tried to kiss Matty at a cocktail party, but it backfired when he turned her down — however, hearing Elora’s full story about this incident is very interesting.

Matty was clearly attracted to Elora, but their connection wasn’t enough for him to take her through to the hometown dates.

Elora chatted to Cosmo about how she came across on TV, what the breakup felt like, and whether she really burned all the things she’d collected from the show.

What was going through your mind during that rose ceremony?

I was really, really scared. First of all, standing in the bottom two with Florence, she’s one of my besties, so it was really hard. No matter what, all of our hearts are gonna be broken but one. It was really hard. I didn’t know whether I was gonna go or not. At this point, I didn’t know. It was really scary.

Was your heart broken?

It was. I think you could actually feel it through the screen as well.

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How did you find watching it back last night?

Honestly? The box part was really hard to watch. It’s really hard to see girls that you love saying bad things about you. Everything was really edited so I would be the one receiving the bad criticism. That date was really hard. We were all holding hands, like, “OK, we have to do this, but we love each other. We have to hold on to that.” I got a lot of love from the girls who texted me, saying, “We love you, and your words were beautiful and breathtaking.” So they felt really bad about how it was portrayed.

Watching Cobie, it was really hard to see her in pain. And to see my breakup was really hard too.

It is a breakup! Obviously it’s quite different in this experience, and then it plays on national TV as well.

I was a bit worried as well, because I didn’t do the polite thing where I was like, “Thank you for this experience.” I felt like I was not in control. I felt like a mess, like my whole world just ended. So I was worried about how I was going to be portrayed, with me threatening to kick his ass. What kind of exit is that?

But it turned out OK. You really felt I was genuine, and I looked back and looked at the girls. I really love them. So at this point, it’s not about me anymore, it’s about the girls. I just wanted to remind him that if he really hurt them, then… I don’t know, I was just lost for words.

It was surprising at first that he didn’t take you out for a chat, because he’s done it with other girls who he’s had less of a connection with.

I didn’t even think about it then. All I wanted to do was leave. I think he was really uncomfortable, and I think it didn’t help that I threatened to kick his ass. I’m glad he came out. I was still a little bit upset about what he said to me.

The whole “clipping your wings” thing?

Yeah, I felt like he was like, “It’s not me, it’s you.”

You obviously had a great connection with Matty, but you were good friends with girls who barely got time with him. How did you find navigating those friendships in this weird situation?

I think it just naturally happened where the more you hang out with the girls, the more you love them. There are girls you’re going to connect more with than other girls. I think in a way, I was really guarded with the girls, because you could say something one day that would be used against you. Overall, the girls know who I am. And I did stand on that considerate box, because from the beginning I was the one who…

You know how when there’s problems, there’s a lot of people who don’t wanna get wet because they don’t wanna get involved? I’m the one who got involved to defend my friends. Sometimes I went three weeks at cocktail parties without seeing Matty, because there was so much heat that it was affecting me so much, the negative energy. I was not capable of interrupting the girls, because I didn’t want to take some of their time.

The girls knew that. I wasn’t afraid to get wet for love and for the girls. That one kiss moment [at the cocktail party], they didn’t see it, and if everything would have gone as planned they would have never known. And it wasn’t the first time I kissed him at a cocktail party. I think the girls know that I am very considerate, and they wouldn’t argue against it. They know that.

So you did kiss him at another cocktail party?

Yes! The one where he took me to the Secret Garden. We kissed on- and off-camera. Even when the mic guy was fixing my mic, Matty was kissing me. But that was not on TV, it just wasn’t shown. What happens in the Secret Garden stays in the Secret Garden, in a way!

Not anymore!

Not anymore! Because they used it against me. There’s no way I would go out of my way to hurt the girls. If I felt confident enough to do it, it’s because we have crossed that line before where we were kissing at a cocktail party. I felt a little bit betrayed by Matty, if anything.

After that, did you feel something shift in your connection with Matty?

I didn’t have time! I did not have time at all, because it was a group date. Then I never got a chance to speak to him because he cancelled the cocktail party! So I have no idea. I think it was an easy way out.

Do you know if any other girls kissed him at cocktail parties?

To be honest, I remember Elise saying that she didn’t, because when I told her I did I think it kind of hurt her feelings. Florence didn’t… Maybe Laura in the Secret Garden. But you don’t walk around screaming that you kissed him. The only time I used it to justify myself was to be like, “It was just like in the Secret Garden.” Some of the girls were like, “No, I didn’t kiss him in the Secret Garden.” I was like, shoot, maybe it isn’t something that happens. And I felt really bad, like I was digging my own grave.

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Also Elora, do you mind setting the record straight on some rumours about you that have recently come out? Like the story that said you burned all the Bachelor memorabilia you collected?

No! I didn’t burn anything. I still have everything. I hold on to the little things. I even have a note from Simone when the tension was high in the house. She left me a little note on my bed to tell me she loved me, and she was sorry. And I have that as well. No, I wouldn’t burn anything. Why would I throw away any symbol of my experience that just changed my life?

How do you feel about the way you’ve come across on TV?

I am pretty much myself. They fuel off of what we give them. The mysterious image that I have is really emphasised by cutting off my dialogue in a lot in a lot of the dates. With the girls, I feel as soon as the drama was gone, I was an easy one to create drama with. And it’s my fault, because I went for the kiss, and they fuelled off of that. They prepped my exit, so instead of using all the good things that were said, they used the bad things, to justify my departure. But when I leave you see all the girls are really upset, and crying, and really emotional. That showed that we have a lot of love for one another. I’m just gonna hold onto that, and the sweet messages I got from the girls. I hope people can see and understand that.

Did you get closure?

Nope — no closure. I feel it’s my thing to not get closure. I don’t know if I would really want to ask Matty everything, because in a way, I think if he knows it’s not going to be me, or he knows it’s not going to be a girl, he can’t show that he doesn’t really like her that much. If he knew the winner from the start, there would be no show. So I think he does have to be patient, and make every girl feel special. And he is a gentleman. But I wouldn’t want to ask him what he compromised. It would be uncomfortable for him.

What are feelings towards him now?

I would love to see him and the girl! I would love to give them a big hug. It was hard for him to break girls’ hearts — you could see it was hard for him to send me home as well. He wasn’t having fun with that. He went through the experience [on The Bachelorette], so doing it to someone else was probably not comfortable. But I’m OK — he’s happy, he’s got the girl, he had an amazing time, he was dating 22 beautiful women. I’m not saying he’s one to complain, but we all went through something really harsh, and it was playing with hearts. I only have love for my fellow Bachelors and Bachelorettes.

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Are you able to give us your quick thoughts on the top four girls?

Of course! Laura is a naturally beautiful soul. She’s so interesting. She’s got so many plans in life. She’s a super sexy, beautiful, boss lady. She’s very confident. She’s just really simple at the same time. She’s a stunner.

Elise is also really down-to-earth. She’s such a sweetheart. She’s very sensitive. She only has love. She’s amazing.

Tara, unfortunately I didn’t really get to connect with her that much. I can’t wait to see her and give her a big hug, because I think she’s such a sweetheart, and I really saw her shine throughout. She’s really, really funny; she just has big walls that hold her back. I saw so much good in her.

And then Florence, she was one of my besties in the house from the start. Maybe it’s because we’re foreign. She’s so hot, and she’s so funny, and she’s very honest. Like she’ll tell you if you look fat in a dress, whereas I’d be like, “Maybe the next dress.” She’ll be like, “You’re fat.” She’s hilarious, she’s smart, she’s fun, and she knows who she is, and I love that.

All four of them are just incredible, strong women. Goddesses, actually. I will use that term for them.

It was interesting last night, how when you didn’t get a rose, they focused on Tara telling you it was OK.

I think they showed Tara being nasty about me, so I don’t know if they wanted to make her look good? I don’t know.

There are also headlines saying you clashed with Laura in the house.

That’s not true at all! That is not true. Laura and I never had any beef. She was actually really surprised about it. She sent me screenshots of the articles a few weeks ago, saying, “Are we fighting?” Not at all.

She was a little bit separated from the other girls. She’s very independent, and she’d be working on her business a lot of the time, like making jewellery. I think when she really started falling for him she isolated herself a little bit more, and got really close to Florence. But I’ve never had any beef with her — she’s always been a great one to have around.

Have you dated since the show?

Maybe a month or two after the show, I ran into this French guy I met eight years ago — he ended up living in my neighbourhood. I ran into him, and he told me that he’d had a crush on me for the past eight years. So we started seeing each other. I could have fallen for him. He’s a little bit younger; he’s like this beautiful model. I realised when I started seeing him that he wasn’t going to be a long-term match for me, and I just really wanted to stay focused on my experience. I didn’t want anybody to be able to hurt my feelings. I wanted to be on my own, and he wasn’t a good match for me, so I left him. I think he’s gone now — he’s in the U.S. It was fun, and he was very beautiful.

Have you ever been on dating apps?

No! I don’t know if I could. I did download it a few times, like when you get lonely sometimes, so you download it and swipe. As soon as I saw someone I knew I was like, “Oh no!” and I deleted the app. I’ve never gone on dates like that. It’s really hard for me to date, actually, because I don’t know how I would go on dates without putting it out there.