17 tweets that made the finale of 'The Bachelor' worth watching

This whole setup is wrong. People don't go to Thailand to make good decisions.

By Jessica Chandra

The Bachelor Australia is the kind of show that’s enjoyable to watch, but even more entertaining with a side of sassy commentary.

And there’s no better place for this than Twitter, which blows up every Wednesday and Thursday night, when The Bachelor is on.

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This year’s finale was particularly… not snooze-worthy, but the outcome was kind of predictable. Laura Byrne had been a frontrunner for Matty J’s heart from night one, and thanks to some spoiler-y paparazzi pics, people knew Elise Stacy was being set up for heartbreak.

But despite that, the show must go on! Matty, Laura, Elise and everyone’s favourite Osher Günsberg flew to Thailand for a finale that was filled with Matty’s family (finally, his three brothers got some screen time), boat rides and elephant bathing.

There was also a wonderful ‘Vote Yes’ same-sex marriage ad that aired, featuring beautiful footage from real weddings, and people had strong feelings about that on Twitter.

So, here’s a round-up of the best tweets from the evening, which basically summarised our feelings about the finale and the season in general.

Bring on The Bachelorette!

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