Jen from 'The Bachelor' goes to town on what the rest of the girls are really like

There’s a lot we didn’t see (of course).

By Jessica Chandra

Jennifer Hawke left The Bachelor Australia 2017 in dramatic fashion, and TBH, we wouldn’t have expected one of this year’s ~villains~ to exit any other way.

Quick recap: Matty J approached Jen at the cocktail party for a chat, so she decided to tell him that there were some girls in the house who didn’t have feelings for him, and weren’t there for the right reason — specifically Lisa Carlton.

Jen told Matty that she’d overheard Lisa telling some of the other girls that she only saw Matty as a brother, and that Matty had only signed on to the show to maintain his social profile (#controversial).

This led Matty to ask Lisa about the things Jen had told him, while the rest of the girls blasted Jen for throwing Lisa under the bus. After deciding she’d had enough of the whole situation, Jen decided to leave — no rose ceremony and no goodbyes.

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Whatever your thoughts about Jen and the way she behaved, you can’t deny that she provided a lot of the show’s ~entertaining~ moments, even though it descended into full-blown Mean Girls territory at times.

Jen chatted to Cosmo about her dramatic exit, what the girls were really saying about Matty behind the scenes, and who she won’t stay in touch with.

What a dramatic exit! Did you say goodbye to anyone?

If I’m completely honest, I actually had been planning to go for about two days. I’d spoken to a producer two days earlier and said, “Look, I wanna walk.” I was gonna give Matty the chance to send me home in a rose ceremony but we didn’t get there. I had said goodbye to Florence — I’d given her my coffee pods, I’d given her my purple shampoo. I’d said goodbye to Simone as well, like I was kind of hinting it to her, but I wasn’t sure she was picking up what I was putting down.

Elise has come out today and said she considered leaving because she hadn’t received a single date — do you know of anyone else?

I saw Elise break down quite a few times behind the scenes, just being frustrated, talking to producers, being like, “We’re not getting single dates, girls are getting second single dates, he’s taking the same girls to the Secret Garden.” For a lot of us, it was like OK, we get it, you’ve got your favourites. If you’re not interested, send us home. If they give you 10 roses, and you’re only interested in seven of us, send the rest of us home, because you’re just wasting our time.

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Who were you closest to after Michelle left?

I was probably closest to Simone — we were obviously bonding over the No Date Club. The Big Titty Committee kind of broke up after Michelle left, and it was just Simone and I doing our No Date Club thing. We had to change the name of the group, but it still worked. So definitely Simone.

Is there anything that happened during that heated cocktail party discussion between the girls that we didn’t see?

That entire heated conversation really went for about 20 minutes. You see Elise come over, and she says, “Did somebody say something about Lisa?” I said, “Yeah, I told Matty what Lisa said about the whole him being here for fame, trying to keep himself in the public eye kind of thing.” She was basically like, “Lisa didn’t say that, Lisa didn’t say that,” but you guys don’t actually see Florence turn around and go, “Yes, she did — she said it when you guys were in my room.”

So Florence completely had my back and confirmed that yes, Lisa did say Matty is basically a fraud, and here for fame, and not love. And my idea was, if you think that little of him, why are you here?

Florence and Jen
Florence and Jen

What Lisa said about Matty — did that affect how any of the other girls felt about him?

Look, I mean, I don’t think it changed the way the girls were feeling, because to be honest, I’m not sure Lisa has had the guts to own up to what she actually said. I still don’t know to this day if her and Elise have been honest to the girls and said, “You know what, Lisa actually did say that.”

Why did you lie about the brother thing?

Honestly, I probably had a few too many beverages. And I do know in that case that the issue was not the brother thing — because we all knew she said the brother thing, she said it in a car full of girls — but it was more so the fact that she said he was a fame-hungry, fame whore. The words used were not great, and that was the real issue — that she thought so little of someone, and was just talking smack about him.

Matty has spoken about trying to suss out the girls through other girls. He went straight to you at the last cocktail party. Did you get vibes he was trying to get that kind of information out of you?

I have no doubt that the producers were like, “You need to talk to Jen early.” I had told producers, “I think he needs to know this.” The producers were fully aware of what had been said, what has and hasn’t been said, so for them, it’s just a great opportunity to stir the pot a bit more. If I was in Matty’s shoes, I would really hope someone had my back the way I had his. I never said, “You need to get rid of her,” I never said, “She’s a shit person,” I just said, “You need to talk to her and find out why.”

Matty and Jen
Matty and Jen

Do you still speak to Lisa?

No, I haven’t had anything to do with Lisa, but to be honest, I find Lisa incredibly boring. There’s a reason you guys haven’t seen much of her in the last four weeks. She doesn’t really have much of an opinion, or much to say. All I know about Lisa is that she likes watermelon, and that she walks literally for hours around the driveway in the mansion. I didn’t speak to Lisa much in the house, and that’s why my loyalty was with Matty, not with her. To be honest, I don’t really care what she’s doing with her life.

Is there anyone else you haven’t stayed in touch with?

I haven’t spoken to Tara. We’ve had a few chats here and there, but I’m definitely not going to pick up the phone and ask if she wants to go for a coffee. The same goes for Steph — and you’re probably wondering who Steph is, because I know the rest of Australia is.

We would love to get your opinion on the girls who are left... so Laura?

Laura is probably my number one pick to win it. She’s a great chick, no bullshit, and probably one of the realest girls in the house.


Lisa has no personality. I reckon she’ll be gone pretty soon.


Flo is an absolute legend. Matty would be batting above his average if he ends up with her. I think she’ll do well, but hopefully she doesn’t end up with him, because I think she can do better.


Elise is vanilla, vanilla, vanilla. If she ends up with Matty, they would make the most boring couple in existence.


Elora is what I would like to call a stage-five clinger. There’s a great article where they call her ‘Elora Blue Balls,’ and it makes me giggle. But not for Matty at all.


Tara is great. I think she really makes Matty laugh. But I think she’s probably a bit too much of a bogan to end up with him. Yep, I’m throwing the word around again.

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Same basket as Elora. I think she’s a bit of a stage-five clinger, and her facials scare me when other girls get dates, and tell everyone about them.


I love Simone, she’s an absolute legend. She’s the only person in there with a crazy sense of humour. But I don’t think she’s going to get a single date, so I think she’ll be one of the next ones to go.

You’ve been vocal about putting 10kg on in the house. How did you adjust back to the real world?

It probably got worse when I first got out of the house, because I hadn’t been able to go to my favourite cafés [in the mansion]. You can’t just go out and get Maccas when you want it. There were all these things I’d been deprived of for two months, which are like treats. You can’t just go get a normal chai latte when you want one.

So I literally fed myself constantly for two weeks after. Thankfully, finally now I’ve dropped that habit, and I have lost five kilos of the 10, but yeah, I still need to shake that last five.

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What’s your favourite thing to cook?

I love making homemade pastas, because I make my pasta from scratch. So probably a garlic and oil pasta dish, with lots of chilli.

Have you dated since the show?

Yes! I’m currently with someone.

What are your feelings towards Matty now?

Look, I hope the guy found the girl of his dreams, I really, really do — it would be a shame if he went through all of this and he didn’t end up with somebody. But yeah, there’s no hard feelings. I do watch the series, and I’m a little bit disappointed with the way some things have been handled on his behalf.

But he’s a really nice guy, and he only has so much control in the way he can go about things. At the end of the day, he’s dealing with a lot of people. Will I say hello to him on the street? Yeah. Do I dream about him at night? God no. It’s just simple, easy and civil.