Jennifer from 'The Bachelor' is more than happy to wear Keira's villain crown this year

Keira also had some harsh words for her.

By Jessica Chandra

The first episode of The Bachelor Australia introduced us to the 22 women trying to win Matty J’s heart — and boy. We. Have. No. Words.

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OK, some words. Is it just us, or were there multiple women gagging to be this year’s villain?

There was Leah, the tall blonde in the ~naked~ dress, who was the last to arrive (bar Elora the Tahitian fire dancer). You may have noticed she also got the jazzy, sexy background music treatment, which is how Laurina made her entrance on Blake Garvey’s season years ago. So there’s that.

There was also Elizabeth, who didn’t say much overall, but described Jennifer’s dress as “putrid” (because of the supposed mud stains, which we didn’t get to see), which led Jennifer to call out Elizabeth as this year’s villain.

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Which brings us to Jennifer. The 27-year-old marketing manager from NSW, who conveniently has a similar job to Matty’s, has definitely set herself up as the woman who’ll cause a lot of conflict.

The fact that she was quick to single out Elizabeth as a villain — she actually said Elizabeth would be the Keira of this year’s season — then CRIED about Elizabeth’s comment about her dress, and decided to eat her feelings with some popcorn (so they DO have food), meant she knew she was stirring the pot. She also told Leah, “You should be intimidated by me.”

Well, it turns out Jennifer has no problem being the girl people love to hate on The Bachelor Australia this year. “I absolutely love that I’ve been painted as a villainous character,” Jennifer told Sydney Confidential).

“I think while we were in the house there were three others that were in the running, but I will gladly take the name. I hope I do the show proud being this year’s Bachie villain and I hope for Australia’s sake I’m a really entertaining one.”

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She also said she’s happy to wear the villain crown because she’s got a thick skin. “If any of the girls were going to have to be the villain, it’s probably best that it was me because I genuinely am not going to be affected by the backlash,” she said.

By the way, the OG Keira had something to say about the way Jennifer behaved on the first episode.

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Keira, who watched the episode with Showpo CEO Jane Lu, gave her feedback on her Instagram Story last night. “How’s the chick saying that someone else is me when they’re pinning her as the villain? What a delusional freak! What a freak!”

She ended by calling Jennifer a “peasant.”

Will Jennifer be the last girl standing? Probs not. Will she get a lot of screen time? Hell yes.

And we are here for it.