Everything Leah has said since leaving 'The Bachelor', proving she DGAF

“I didn’t even think I liked him.”

By Jessica Chandra

ICYMI, Leah Costa is out of The Bachelor Australia 2017, after Matty J decided to let her go in place of a rose ceremony.

Matty thought it was best for Leah to leave after saying she was the “common denominator” with all the drama in the mansion. He’d also just found out that she used to work as a topless waitress. Coincidence?

As one of The Bachelor’s more ~controversial~ contestants this year, Leah hasn’t done the usual round of post-elimination interviews. She has done a few, though, and they were more than enough for her to get some things off her chest.

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How Leah felt about being portrayed as a villain:

“I think I was entertaining [laughs]. If everyone got a bit of a laugh, and some entertainment value out of it… I didn’t go in with the intention of being a bitch, but if I played into that role, I had a lot of fun doing it.” — on Studio 10

How Leah felt about Matty:

“Matty and I didn’t really click, and didn’t gel. I think that [our conversation] was the turning point. He just went, ‘Ugh, I don’t like you enough to deal with that.’” — on Studio 10

“Even at that point [when I tried to kiss Matty on the group date], I knew I wasn’t going to be the girl at the end, so I was just kind of there for the LOLs.” — on Studio 10

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“I don’t know if it’s even him, I think it’s more the situation is very unreal. How are you supposed to find love in that environment? I think the girls that do are a little bit desperate, no offence.” — to Kyle and Jackie O

“Honestly, I think I was in love with Matty before I went in. And then I was incredibly disappointed. Everybody’s cut and edited a certain way. Australia’s cut and edited to fall in love with Matty. Of course when you go on, it’s not going to be what you thought it was.” — to Kyle and Jackie O

“To be honest, I have met people at bars that I know better than Matty. Yeah, I had been on a few dates but you’re fighting with women, I’d had a chat about my family and travel and other than that, I’d spent 10 mins with the dude. I’m not going to air my dirty laundry to someone I don’t know if I even like… I didn’t even think I liked him, so I was ready to leave. But nobody likes to be rejected on live TV.” — in a written interview supplied by Channel Ten

“Kids see through all the bullshit, they feel everything to truly feel your soul and know who you are. Matty this is not what I would call a date.” — on Instagram

Leah on Kate, Matty’s sister:

“She was actually lovely. They made it look like she grilled us, but she was absolutely lovely.” — to Kyle and Jackie O

How Leah felt about her past being brought up:

“I’m not one of those people that sponges off their parents — they’ve worked hard all their lives. I didn’t have time, doing the double degree, to — no offence — work at Woolworths 30 hours a week. I’m super-focused on my studies, and I’d rather spend my weekends going home, visiting my parents. It was kind of a means to an end. They’re just boobs at the end of the day! I wasn’t hurting anyone. I’m a little bit disappointed by how people have kind of shamed me for it. It is an industry, it is a valid one. It’s not something I’m doing anymore, but to be made to feel guilty, or ashamed of my past… eh. I think people shouldn’t throw stones.” — on Studio 10

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it! It put me through uni. It’s not something I’m doing anymore.” — to Kyle and Jackie O

Which girls Leah has stayed in touch with:

“I still talk to Jen on a daily basis. I’ve spoken to Michelle and Sian a few times. Sharlene. Monica is one of my best friends.” — in a written interview supplied by Channel Ten

“I keep in touch with Jen a lot — we’re still very good friends. I spoke to a couple of the girls. Simone and I have cleared the air — we hung out, we’re on good terms, we both explained where we were, why we did what we did. We’re on really good terms. Outside of that, I haven’t spoken to Elora, and I have zero desire to.” — on Studio 10

“I know we can't seem to catch a break and sometimes it feels like the whole world is conspiring against us. But damn the stars, I choose you. And no matter what the odds, no challenge or obstacle will ever be enough to stand in our way. I love you @jolfie. You are better than anything I ever could have hoped for. In hell I found a little piece of heaven in you.” — on Instagram

Whether Leah has dated anyone since leaving 'The Bachelor':

“I don’t know… we’ll see. I met somebody. He’s awesome. I’m not ready to go out there, but he’s everything I was looking for. And please don’t be watching this!” — on Studio 10