Matty J's ex-girlfriend might be going on 'The Bachelor' as an intruder

Well, this will shake things up.

By Jessica Chandra
Australian model Nathalie Darcas

Just when you thought this season of The Bachelor Australia couldn’t get more ~dramatic~, there are reports that an intruder is on the way… and that she’ll be none other than Matty J’s babin’ ex!

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According to NW, Aussie model Nathalie Darcas, who Matty dated briefly before signing on as the Bachelor at the beginning of the year, will surprise the remaining girls when she enters the mansion.

Sources say things went a little crazy on set after Matty J’s sister, Kate, paid the girls a visit to suss them out. The biggest thing that came out of Kate’s time in the mansion was that Matty found out both Simone Ormesher and Leah Costa, who he booted, had worked as topless waitresses in the past.

“After that, things went south,” the source told NW. “Producers had to go into damage control and do something to shift the focus.”

That ‘something’, it turns out, was to call Nathalie — because there’s nothing more unnerving to a bunch of girls competing for the same man than by bringing in a model who’s already got history with him.

The details around Nathalie’s reported intrusion are scarce, but if the rumours are true, it’ll be the first time the Australian series of The Bachelor has spiced things up with real exes as intruders.

(There have been intruders most years of the show, but they’ve been random girls. The most ‘successful’ intruder to date is Lana Jeavons-Fellows, who was the runner-up on Sam Wood’s season in 2015. He picked single mum Snezana Markoski as his ‘winner’ in the end.)

Nathalie, who has almost 80,000 Instagram followers, confirmed she dated Matty earlier this year. “That was pretty weird, it was strange,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “I’m pretty used to, with work, being in the spotlight, but when it came to my personal life, that was weird.”

Matty and Nathalie went their separate ways because she was going overseas for work — ah, the life of a model! — and then Matty was snapped up as the Bachelor. But now she seems to be back in Australia, and is based in Bondi Beach, which is conveniently where Matty lives, and wants to settle.

“We’re friends now, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavours,” Nat said at the time.

Time will tell whether Nathalie enters the mansion — and we can’t wait to see the looks on everyone’s faces if she does.

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