Hold on to your roses: Matty J will have an ~overnight date~ on 'The Bachelor'

Shut the front door.

By Jessica Chandra

ATTN: The Bachelor Australia will have an overnight date this season. It’s happening soon, and the lucky lady who gets to spend a full 24 hours with Matty J will be on her second solo date.

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OK! Magazine reports that Matty will whisk one of the ladies to a romantic retreat in an upcoming episode in the next few weeks.


While it doesn’t sound like The Bachelor Australia is introducing the Fantasy Suites — unless they pop up towards the end — there hasn’t been any mention of an overnight date since… well… the very first season, with Tim Robards.

If you cast your mind back to a million years ago — as in 2013 — Tim was offered the opportunity to ~take things to the next level~ with one of his top three ladies: Ali Oetjen, Rochelle Emanuel-Smith or Anna Heinrich (his eventual winner, and now-fiancée). In the end, Tim turned down the opportunity altogether — and he admits that he may have screwed it up for all of the Bachelors who followed him.

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“I think I did the guys in because I was the first one to say ‘no overnight dates,’ and they followed suit, so I think I’ve screwed it up for everyone,” he said in a 2016 interview.

Since then, the topic of overnight dates or Fantasy Suites hasn’t come up again, which is weird, considering how much of a big deal they are in the U.S.

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For the uninitiated, Fantasy Suites give the Bachelor (or Bachelorette) the opportunity to spend the night with his/her top three contenders. They don’t have to stay together, and if they do, they don’t have to reveal whether they actually did the deed. (Some are pretty open about it, like Raven from Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, who pretty much said on national TV that Nick had given her her first ~real~ orgasm. TMI Nice.)

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But it’s generally assumed that if the Bachelor spent the night with someone, some boinking would have happened.

Interestingly, Matty J doesn’t think overnight dates are essential on The Bachelor. He told OK! Magazine, “I think it’s a good call [not to have them]. I don’t think it’s needed to find out who you end up with.”

Now, the only question that remains is: WHO will Matty take to the retreat? Our money’s on either Laura or Florence.