What to know about Matty J's sister, Kate, who's intruding on 'The Bachelor' this week

Here’s why the girls should be trying to impress her.

Matty J sister Kate on The Bachelorette Australia

Everyone who watches The Bachelor Australia knows that Matty J is super tight with the two most important women in his life: his mother, Ellie, and sister, Kate.

They’re the only two people outside of the show who know which girl Matty has picked, and Kate, in particular, is someone Matty says he’s always turned to when it comes to relationship advice. In fact, Matty talks so much about his sister (at least on TV) that people were shocked to realise he actually has THREE brothers as well.

But back to Kate. On The Bachelor Australia this Wednesday, Matty’s sister will make her TV return, less than a year after grilling Georgia Love on behalf of her family when Matty was on The Bachelorette Australia.

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Based on the preview, the remaining women in the house think she’s an intruder. But then they quickly realise she’s not there to try and win Matty’s heart, but to suss out the girls who are.

Here are some ~basic~ facts to know about Kate, and how she could influence Matty’s final decision.

Kate is older than Matty.

Matty is the middle of five kids. He’s mentioned that Kate is his big sister.

Kate is married.

Kate got married in March 2014. Matty shared an Instagram photo from her big day, writing, “So proud to see my sister get married to this legend.”

It seems like Matty’s pretty tight with his brother-in-law, too.

Kate has an adorable son named George.

The cutest cameo on The Bachelorette last year was George, Kate’s adorable son. Georgia (and viewers) met George when Matty introduced her to his family on the hometown dates episode.

In that episode, one of the big questions Kate asked Georgia was about kids, as Matty’s been pretty open about how clucky he’s been since Kate had George. “I think in an ideal world my sister would have me have kids now, so she could have another mum to hang out with, and George would have a cousin,” Matty told ELLE Australia last year. “As much as I’m really excited to start a family, I’m under no illusion of how much work is required — the energy involved, and the cost… Yeah, that’s still something for me that’s a few years off. It was something my sister wanted more than myself.”

Still, having kids is super important to Matty — it’s pretty much the reason he sent Elizabeth home after taking her and Jennifer on the ~dreaded~ two-on-one date.

Until then, Matty seems pretty content to play the hot uncle role.

Kate loves Ed Sheeran.

Hot tip to the girl Matty picks in the end: Kate is a big Ed Sheeran fan, which could help get you onside if she’s not vibing you…

Kate may not be the best wingwoman…

Kate is like most big sisters, in the sense that she has Matty’s best interests at heart. She grilled Georgia good, and she’ll most likely do the same with the women Matty’s dating on The Bachelor.

But there was one thing Kate said in an interview last year that probably wasn’t the coolest big sister move. In an interview with Who after Matty’s televised heartbreak, Kate revealed that she’d come home one day and found Matty crying while listening to a playlist he’d made for Georgia.

“He was sitting on a couch, crying… listening to the songs,” she said. Apparently the song that tipped him over the edge was Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love.”

Cock-block, much?!

But look, it obviously didn’t damage Matty’s image at all, and his sweet, sensitive side probably just made him more attractive as the Bachelor.

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