Simone from 'The Bachelor' says she found the show 'degrading'

Simone left without ever getting a single date.

By Jessica Chandra

Poor Simone Ormesher. The bubbly office administrator from Melbourne never scored a proper single date with Matty J on The Bachelor Australia 2017, so as mean as it sounds, it wasn’t surprising to see Simone get eliminated on last night’s rose ceremony.

This leaves Laura Byrne, Lisa Carlton, Elise Stacy, Florence Alexandra Sophia, Cobie Frost, Tara Pavlovic and Simone’s mansion BFF, Elora Murger, as the top seven girls.

Still, Simone managed to get pretty far for someone who didn’t get that much one-on-one time with Matty. She also conquered her fear of heights by skydiving on a group date, and said she “nearly died” for him during the donut-eating contest on the most recent episode.

And at least she left on a cheeky note: on the last group date, Simone basically touched Matty’s “little Johnson,” as Osher Günsberg called it. Gotta love a girl who just goes for it, y’know?

Simone chatted to Cosmo today about her relationship with Elora, why she thought lots of the challenges were “degrading,” and why she never chose to leave of her own accord.

Simone, we hate to say we saw this coming. Did you?

Oh, 100 per cent. I thought it was coming weeks before that. I’d just given up. I was like, whatever. I was ready to go.

Was there any point when you wanted to leave of your own accord?

Yeah, there were so many times when I wanted to leave, but I kept saying, “I’m not gonna quit.” I’m not gonna be one of the girls who walks out. Like, he can tell me to leave. I’ve got friends in there, and I was enjoying myself. I just rode the wave. I knew it was coming. But I’d just not gone through all of that for nothing. And it’s a great experience! I was soaking it up.

A lot of the other girls who thought about leaving said they felt it was a waste of their time.

You feel like you’re missing things on the outside world, but when are you ever gonna be on that show again — you know what I mean? I think it was just a bit of a cop out. I think Jen left because of some of the drama, like she didn’t want to face some of the girls. I think, you’re already in there, you’ve already spent nearly two months in there, you might as well stay an extra week.

Did you ever talk to Matty about why he hadn’t picked you for a single date?

No, I got to the point where I just couldn’t be bothered. I was hoping at times that he wouldn’t come and chat to me, because I had nothing to say to him. It got really awkward. I feel like every girl fears rejection. I thought if I had gone up to me, he might have told me to leave, and rejected me, which no girl wants to hear.

That’s interesting that you say you had nothing to say to him.

Well, we’re in the house all day, we don’t do much, and there’s nothing to tell him about my life. It’s really awkward.

When you were in the mansion, how much did you like him?

At first it’s like a fairy tale, and it’s all heightened. You feel like you really like him. Then towards the end, there was nothing there. There was no spark after he met my mum. I started to get a bit angry towards the end. I thought I was being strung along. Some comments he’d make would give you a glimmer of hope, and then it was just never you. It was really disheartening. But I don’t think anyone’s ever made it this far, and not had a date, so it was very strange.

And how do you feel towards him now?

I’ve got no hard feelings towards him. He’s a lovely guy. It just wasn’t right. There was no spark there between us. I’m looking for somebody who’s got a bit more about them, got a bit more banter, you know? Who gets me. He obviously didn’t get to know me at all. But I wish him the best of luck.

You were really good friends with Elora in the mansion. Has that translated to the real world?

Yeah, look we’re still friends. I saw her on Friday when I flew to Sydney. We’re not as close as we were in the house — obviously we live in different states. But it’s weird, me and Cobie are really, really close — like we talk on the phone every day. She’s such a sweetheart. I’d say I’ve taken a really good friend away from [the experience].

What was it like being friends with Elora, one of Matty’s frontrunners in that situation?

It was really hard, because she’d obviously want to talk to me about her dates and stuff, and it was really hard to hear sometimes — not because I’d had feelings [for Matty], just because I felt crap about myself. Towards the end, and it didn’t show, we did become a bit separated, because she didn’t understand me. She didn’t understand the reason why I was feeling the way I was, because she’d had two dates. So it got a bit tense towards the end.

Did the girls who started getting more of Matty’s single dates get more possessive?

Yeah! The house got a bit quiet. Everyone got along really well after Jen left, but people were a bit more guarded, and weren’t really talking about their dates. The girls got territorial about him — obviously feelings were kicking in. I think I left at a good time, because after that, I think it would have been very intense. Even being in the top eight, they’d be talking, and I was like, ‘Yep, I don’t even know if he’s got a middle name.’

We all know — it’s David! It’s in his Instagram profile.

[Laughs] Oh yeah! David! I do know it. I just knew nothing about the guy, honestly.

You skydived for Matty even though you were terrified out of your mind. What do you make of the whole ‘proving yourself’ or ‘changing yourself’ for a guy?

It looks like I did do it for him. The main reason I did it was because one, I would have been embarrassed coming down in that plane, and two, I wanted to do it for myself, to put myself out of my comfort zone. I did look quite moody towards the end, because I did think it was a bit degrading sometimes. I mean that’s the moral of the show, and we signed up for it, and that’s fine, but it was a bit degrading, the things we were made to do, like compatibility races and stuff. None of the other girls in previous seasons had to do that. And there was no connection between us both, so I felt it was a bit silly. And I didn’t want to look desperate! It’s a hard one.

We would love to get your thoughts on the remaining girls. Lisa?

Lisa’s very quiet. Honestly, she’s the coolest chick, but there’s not much there. There’s not much personality, in a way. She’s awesome, she’s lovely, but I can’t see it really going anywhere.


Very confident. Me and Laura had a few disagreements in the house, only on petty things, but yeah, she’s nice. Honestly, they’re all nice.


Lovely — I love Elise. She’s the most genuine person ever. I adore her.


Florence is hilarious. Sometimes I wouldn’t get what Florence said — she’s very abrupt. But honestly, she’s gold.

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Sweetheart. She’s so genuine and caring, and she’d do anything for you.


Elora’s different to all the other girls. She’s beautiful, and she’s got a beautiful soul. She’s very open with her feelings, whereas I’m not, so we’re totally different people, we really are. She’s lovely.


Hilarious. She’s a good all-round chick. She’s funny, and she doesn’t take anything too seriously, which you need to not do in that situation.

Going back to Elora for a bit, what was it that you bonded over to start with?

We both enjoyed working out. We worked out a lot, and that’s why we bonded, really — we used to go to the gym every day. Then we started eating clean together, and that’s how we bonded.

After you left, did she still have close friends in the house?

Definitely. We’re all friends. We all live in different states, which is difficult. I’ve seen Cobie a few times, and I’ve seen Elora a couple of times. So I’ve definitely made friends for life out of it. They’re like your sisters — you’ve lived with them for so long, and yeah, you’re gonna argue, but that’s the whole point of it.

Have you ever used dating apps?


Would you ever?

No. I can’t do it! I just find it so bad. I think it’s just a waste of time. I think you should meet someone in general, when you’re not expecting it. And I feel like being on The Bachelor, it’s all set up, and then going on a dating app, that’s all set up too. I wouldn’t do it.

Who is the best match for Matty?

I’d say Elise is the best match for him, but I do think Laura will get it. Elise is just so down to earth, and she’s got a good family. She’s just lovely.