Is Tara Pavlovic being set up to be the next Bachelorette? Here are 5 signs

You know, if she doesn’t win Matty J’s heart.

By Jessica Chandra
Tara Pavlovic on The Bachelor Australia 2017

From the moment Matty J met Tara Pavlovic on the first episode of The Bachelor Australia 2017, he knew there was something special about her.

She was smiley. She was charming. And she couldn’t remember whether she had a tattoo behind her right ear or her left.

Over time, Tara emerged as a serious contender. Matty seems to be drawn to the fact that she’s a big kid at heart — she works as a nanny — and her sense of adventure. She was also super endearing when she was talking to Matty about how she couldn’t believe someone like him could be interested in her. Matty decided to kiss her then and there, to stop her saying such ridiculousness.

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So, could Tara be the one to outlast frontrunner Laura Byrne, and dark horse Elise Stacy? Maybe. But we have a feeling that she won’t be the winner, and is instead being set up as a potential future Bachelorette, based on these reasons.

She’s the most popular contestant of this season.

How do we know she’s the most popular girl of Matty’s season? Instagram. This year, Channel Ten allowed the girls to be active on social media while the show’s been on TV — a major change, as in previous years the girls have had to keep their accounts on private until they were eliminated.

At the time of writing, Tara has 82.2k Instagram followers. The lady with the second-highest following is Laura (50.9k), then Florence Alexandra Sophia (49.5k), then Elora Murger (46.1k). She also gets the most engagement on her posts, which isn’t surprising, since her captions are hilarious.

It would make sense for Channel Ten and Warner Bros. to capitalise on Tara’s popularity. There is one problem, though: Channel Ten always airs The Bachelor before The Bachelorette, which means Matty’s transition from contestant-to-Bachelor was shorter, and therefore smoother, than a girl doing the same thing.

That could be why Sophie Monk landed the role of this year’s Bachelorette over Nikki Gogan, the runner-up on Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor. The gap would have been way too long.

She’s been given a super positive edit on TV.

As entertaining as they were as ‘villains,’ Leah Costa and Jen Hawke would have never been considered as future Bachelorettes. It’s not to say that it would be impossible — the American franchise of the show has recast people in the lead role who didn’t make for the most ~popular~ contestants (hello, Nick Viall).

But by having a super-likeable personality, Tara’s already 10 steps ahead of people who came across as either unlikeable or polarising.

She’s the perfect mix of ‘into it, but not crazy.’

Not that we can speak from personal experience, but we’re sure being a contestant on The Bachelor is a ~rollercoaster of emotions~. It’s probably the emotional version of the world’s scariest rollercoaster, because you’re kind of falling in love with the guy who’s dating your new best friends, who happen to be awesome. How could you not go crazy?

From what we’ve seen, Tara’s been able to keep her emotions in check while showing just enough vulnerability to Matty to make him see that she believes in the process. It’s taken her a while to open up to him, but when she does, he gets all giddy — he’s even said the whole world disappears when he’s with her. (He may have said that about some of the other girls too, but let’s forget about that for the moment…)

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Being able to stay level-headed in a situation like The Bachelor is key for not going crazy when you’re on the other end.

She’s expressive.

When you’re the star of a show, you get a lot of camera time. That means you need to be engaging, entertaining and expressive — the three unofficial Es we’ve decided make for good television.

Here’s a sample of what Tara’s face (and upper body) can do:

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She would make a great Bachelorette.

In Sam Frost and Georgia Love (and soon, Sophie Monk) we’ve seen two amazing but different women take the reins of the most popular reality dating franchise show in the world.

Sam was the perfect first Bachelorette after all the shit she went through with Blake Garvey.

Georgia was the smart, fresh-faced Bachelorette we needed after Richie’s season of The Bachelor.

And Sophie, who is hilarious and self-deprecating, will be the world’s first celebrity Bachelorette, which is reason enough to tune in.

Tara seems like she’d be a good fit to join this line-up of ladies. Tara as The Bachelorette? Would watch.

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