Tara from 'The Bachelor' explains why she probably wouldn't do 'The Bachelorette'

Well, we get her point.

By Jessica Chandra

We are absolutely devo that Matty J let Tara Pavlovic go on last night’s episode of The Bachelor Australia, the penultimate of the 2017 season.

Matty shared one final date with the top three girlsLaura Byrne, Elise Stacy and Tara — which were basically ploys to get the ladies to admit they were falling in love with him.

Unlike Laura and Elise, who told Matty that they were falling in love with him, Tara said she could “see” herself falling in love “so soon.” Is it possible that she didn’t say enough?

After that, Matty had the tough decision of sending one home, before taking the other two to Thailand to meet his mum and three brothers. (His sister, Kate, couldn’t fly over because she was pregnant.)

To everyone’s devastation, the woman he didn’t give a rose to was Tara. And even Matty seemed pretty cut up about it. He took her outside for a chat and fought back tears. Even Tara didn’t seem that upset. This means that on tonight’s finale episode, Matty will finally reveal whether he’s chosen to spend the rest of his life with either Laura or Elise.

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Even though she wasn’t the woman at the end, Tara is a winner in everyone’s eyes. The nanny from Queensland was a legend in many ways during her time on The Bachelor, from the way she had fun with Matty’s ass during their pasta-making date, to her hilarious expression when she got on the camel. There were so many memorable moments! No wonder her fans are calling for her to be the next Bachelorette.

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But would she do it? Tara chatted to Cosmo about why she’s leaning more towards not being the Bachelorette (sob), why she wasn’t too upset about being eliminated, and — big scoop — the budget secret to her amazing top knots.

Let’s talk quickly about your radio interview slip-up the other day…

Oh my God. That was so bad. I don’t know what happened. I have no idea, it just went terribly wrong. Lucky I got out that night.

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So what is going on with the Derek the waiter?

Nothing is going on with Derek the waiter. I never gave him my number in the house, and he’s never asked me on a date.

Were you surprised at how upset Matty was when he eliminated you?

Yeah! It’s kind of weird. I guess he’d feel guilty, though — you saw our date, and it was great, so maybe he felt bad.

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How were you feeling at that point?

I knew that there was a high chance that I would be sent home at some point, so it was disappointing. Of course we had a really good date, so it was a bit of a shock, but at the same time it wasn’t a shock because there were still three of us left, and only one person can end up with him. I know that he has a really tight connection with the other girls, too.

How strong were your feelings for him?

I felt like I really liked him at that point. I could definitely see myself being with him for a long time, and definitely see myself falling in love with him if I was in there for a longer amount of time. I’m just glad he sent me home before my feelings did get to that point.

Laura and Elise both said that they were falling in love with him, whereas you said you could “see” yourself falling in love with him. Do you think this impacted his decision?

Maybe! I don’t know, he hasn’t told me, so I’m not sure. So it possibly could have!

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Do you wish you’d gotten more closure from something like this?

Nah, whatever’s meant to be will be, and this isn’t meant to be. I don’t think I really need a reason why. I couldn’t have changed anything, so why have a reason?

If you and Matty did work out, would you have moved to Sydney if you won? Was that something you discussed?

I guess it would be a matter of us travelling back and forth — it’s not far, and I’m always in Sydney anyway. I guess you have to date before you do the whole move, don’t you? That’d be pretty soon, moving in with someone. I guess it would have been a discussion we would have had later down the track.

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Are you devo that you just missed out on a trip to Thailand?

No, I’m not, I’m really grateful actually. There’s a high chance that if I went to Thailand I would have come second place, and I would rather where I came now, than be dragged through that, and possibly have fallen in love with him.

In the past, there have been some Bachelors, and even Bachelorettes, who’ve said that they eliminated someone in third place because they didn’t want to take them through to the finale, and break their heart then. What do you think about that?

I’ve heard that as well. I guess it kind of makes sense.

Do you feel that could have happened with you, or is that something you’re not thinking about?

Look, I’m friends with both of the other girls, so I would hate for him to have let me go earlier to save me the heartache, but put my friend through heartache. It would have been me or them. Someone’s always gonna get hurt. I’m glad I didn’t, but if I could, I’d probably want to see myself get hurt over someone I really care about. I’m really, really close with both those girls, so if I could swap just to save them the hurt, then yeah. But I’m just lucky that I didn’t have to go through it.

How did your relationships with Laura and Elise change towards the end, if they did?

It never changed. We were separated after hometown dates. Once we started becoming super invested, we weren’t able to talk about it anyway. It would have been really strange living with them when they’re both in love.

At what point did you girls realise Matty was kissing everyone else?

Everyone was very open about it when they’d get back from their dates. We knew the whole time.

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You are clearly the most popular contestant — has this surprised you?

Yeah! It really has surprised me. I don’t know why that’s happened. It’s really nice — I went in there being 100 per cent me, and it’s nice that Australia has appreciated me for who I am, with all my flaws, and my silly faces, and silly humour.

We love that you were always shown to be enjoying food.

Oh, I love food so much. I was eating a muffin when I started talking to you! I stopped, but I’m looking at the muffin now, really wanting another bite, but I don’t want to be rude.

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Florence told us that you and her were always in the pantry together. Did you gain weight in the house?

I was pretty fat when I got there [laughs], so I really can’t blame the house. I think I just got a bit more flabby, maybe, like two, three, four kilos? Two kilos, maybe?

The Bachelorette — is this something you would consider? All of your fans are gunning for it now.

I know, everyone wants it. Yeah, I don’t know. Even though I had a really good time, I didn’t have to break hearts. I just don’t think it’s something I could do, personally. I don’t like letting people down, and the idea of letting over 20 people down, that would be really, really difficult. I think it would be harder doing that, than risking my own heartbreak.

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How do you feel about the way everything was portrayed, from you, to Matty, to your hometown date?

I was 100 per cent portrayed accurately, and I think Matty was too. Hometowns, my brother is actually really lovely, so that was the only disappointment. Other than that, it was all really good.

You’d think by now, five seasons in, that people would know how tightly edited everything is, especially to create drama.

People have no idea. It was a disappointing thing to see my brother suffer. He was really upset about it, and copping a lot of hate from people he didn’t know. I felt terrible that he had to go through that.

How is he now?

He’s getting there. He still gets it, but I think now I’m out, maybe he’ll be forgotten about a little bit more.

In some of your other interviews you said that as soon as you didn’t get a rose, it clicked that you were making a TV show, and you felt fine because of that. Did it feel like you were making a TV show in the months prior?

No, it didn’t. But I guess when you go on this fantastic date with someone, and they’re all over you, and then you are going home without a reason, it makes it easier, because that doesn’t really happen in real life, like in the real world. So, I guess it just made it easier to get over.

Everyone is obsessed with your hair.


Yeah! Everyone wants to know how you get your top knots so sleek, and what your favourite products are.

Oh my God. I’m the worst person to ask this about. My hair’s pretty natural — the lighter bits are dyed, but the top part is natural, my natural colour. That’s how the balayage works. With the top knots, usually because I’m so lazy, I don’t use many products — my hair’s always dirty, and unmaintained, so I just stick it up in a top knot. I just swirl it around in a bun, use another elastic to tie it down, and maybe some bobby pins if I need.

But, if I do a slick one, let me tell you this discovery I made — even hairdressers are like, “That is the best idea ever.” I was in the chemist one day, and I was walking around, and I spotted a nit comb, like a head lice comb. The teeth on the head lice comb are so fine, like they’re so fine. I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is gonna be the best top knot comb over!’ So I use a head lice comb to slick it back! I put heaps and heaps of hairspray in it, and then it slicks back. And it looks great! Head lice comb, it’s like $4. And I love a bargain, too.

You have such a good head for top knots, and then with the earrings, it always looks amazing.

I love the earrings. But! I’ve never noticed how long my neck was. I’ve always given my brother crap ’cos I was like, “You’ve got the longest neck,” and then looking at the TV, and with my top knot, I was like, “Far out, my neck is long.” Like a giraffe! [Laughs] It makes it look even longer, too, because it just elongates my head. I’m trying to put my shoulders up today. Last night, from the side angle, like it goes out kind of forward as well. You know how the Africans put all the necklaces on? That’s what my neck is like!

Have you dated since the show?

No, no. Well I haven’t really been able to, because I’ve still been on the show, so I can’t really go on dates. Maybe I’ll go on one soon.

Do you know who wins?

Mm. I have an idea.

Who is the better match for Matty out of Laura and Elise?

No, it’s both even on my side. Both girls are very different, but both girls will suit Matty in their own individual ways.

What’s next for you?

I’m not sure! I’m back to nannying at the moment, but I wouldn’t mind some more TV work. I loved doing my radio interviews, so I wouldn’t mind some of that. I got so much positive feedback from everyone, like, “You make me laugh,” and a lot of people said they could relate to me, so I wouldn’t mind continuing to make people laugh.

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