Brace for a conspiracy theory about all these 'Bachelor' and 'Love Island' Australia break-ups

Timing is everything.

By Susannah Guthrie

Given the spate of reality television break-ups in the last few weeks, you'd be forgiven for thinking there was something in the water producers were feeding to The Bachelor and Love Island contestants.

We had Grant and Tayla, Sam and Tara, then Keira and Jarrod, Erin and Eden, and Jake and Megan.

It's been a veritable bloodbath.

BUT, could it be that all these sudden splits have a motive behind them?

Almost immediately after Keira announced her split from Jarrod, rumours began swirling that she could be the next Bachelorette.

When Grant and Tayla split, his agent straight up told Cosmo he was putting Grant forward for UK series Ex on the Beach.

We know — spare us.

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But could it be that Grant and Keira are on to something? Is being in a relationship a hindrance to the career of a professional reality TV contestant?

And is it a coincidence that all these break-ups are apparently coinciding with the casting on some of the country's biggest reality dating series? After all, we've got Bachelor in Paradise 2019 to consider.

Jake and Megan, in particular, seem to have split up with no real reason given, and have even been spotted out and about together, shying away from the cameras and hiding their faces.

Look, we don't want to cast aspersions about what must be a very emotionally stressful time for some of these guys, but there's no denying the timing is curious.

Just sayin' — keep your eyes peeled for them to pop up on your TV screen in six months' time