All the evidence from the latest episode of 'The Bachelor Australia' 2018 that Brooke walks out

All signs point to BAIL.

By Susannah Guthrie

We've been keenly following Brooke Blurton's journey on The Bachelor Australia 2018 since she arrived on the scene wearing a lilac two-piece, carrying a footy and showing off some seriously toned abs.

You can relive the moment below.

We then watched as she tackled and kissed Nick like a lady boss, and as she came out as bisexual to him on national TV.

We also got swept up in rumours she'd found love with fellow contestant Jamie Lee, before both ladies swiftly shot them down. And we watched, jaws on the floor, as Nick said she'd make a "great wife".

She's a clear favourite to win, which is why when rumours emerged that she walks off the show before the finale, we were stunned.

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But during the most recent episode, we started to see some signs that Brooke might be getting cold feet.

According to a friend of Brooke's who spoke to Women's Day: "Brooke left because she was just not falling for him. She was rejecting his advances and realised her feelings weren't as strong as his. Given this, she felt it was fair that she took herself out of the equation."

Let's analyse the evidence, shall we?

The other girls are starting to turn on her

Is it just us, or did we sense a little resentment from the other ladies when Brooke scored some alone time with The Honey Badger during the bowling challenge?

"Everywhere we go Brooke ends up with the most time with Nick," Brittany said, while Sophie sniped, "She tends to win a lot".

Then, when Sophie bowled a strike and got to crash Brooke and Nick's alone time, Britt said, "I'm so pumped she's going to move Brooke out of the way".

Hostile much?

She panicked a bit when The Honey Badger started talking about their future

In the car, Nick asked Brooke the extremely weird/creepy question: "What is your dream for our relationship?"

She looked visibly uncomfortable and responded: "Things are moving fast in here!"

Sure, she could have been playing it cool, but it was an uncharacteristic moment of discomfort for the usually cool, calm, collected queen.

She's not m8s with the other three favourites

Cass, Sophie and Brittany are all over each other's Instagram accounts, but Brooke is nowhere to be seen.

This suggests they had more one-on-one time to get to know each other in the house and have bonded over a shared experience ... being some of the final ladies in the house, perhaps?

When Cass got all teary, Brooke looked fairly stressed

While the other girls found Cass's emotional display as she read her letter to her future self sweet and slightly sad, Brooke looked vaguely concerned.

Possibly because she's realising her feelings aren't as strong?

And look, if all that wasn't evidence enough, surely this montage of The Honey Badger dancing while bowling was enough to scare her off?

His moves are questionable at best.