Hold up, Cass Wood has been spotted with a goddamn engagement ring?!

Is it ~that~ ruby ring?

By Katie Stow

The Bachelor Australia 2018 may have been off to a bumpy start, but things are certainly ramping up now with the competitiveness between contestants really kicking in. We have clear front-runners, stage-five-clingers and three certified 'snakes' in the mix, meaning there's one highly entertaining shitstorm heading our way.

However, the tables may have well and truly turned as the girl no-one thought would take home the prize of The Honey Badger himself has been spotted with an engagement ring.

Yup, last Friday, Cass Wood was seen at the University of Woollongong's UniBar as she attended the gig of her model/DJ friend, Tori Levett, where she was spotted flashing a big ol' ring on ~that~ finger.

The ring (along with its owner, Cass) were seen in Tori's Instagram Stories from the event, but those snaps have now been taken down/have expired so we can't re-watch and analyse with our Bachie obsessed brains. However, Pedestrian reports that in the videos Cass can be seen holding up a drink to the camera, prominently exposing the bling for all to see.

Unfortunately, as the Internet is fleeting we can't confirm whether the rock on her finger was actually the ring that The Honey Badger is seen staring at in The Bachelor promos.

If it is that though, then that means that all of our logical predictions of who wins The Bachelor have gone well and truly out the window. The current front-runner is Brittany Hockley, after her steamy pool kiss with Nick and some suss Facebook activity with his family since the show wrapped had us CONVINCED that she would come out on top.

However, now we have some serious reason to believe that Cass Wood, dubbed a stage-five-clinger by most Bachie fans, takes the cake and is the real life Mrs. Honey Badger.

Guess now all that's left to do is to stalk the heck out of every single Instagram Story until we know the truth. Peace out homies, we're going into full sleuth mode.

Now watch the moment when Nick Cummins first sees Cass Wood on The Bachelor: