New photos have confirmed/ruined 'The Bachelor Australia' 2018 final two so look away if you hate spoilers

Sorry and/or you're welcome?

By Susannah Guthrie

With mere weeks left until The Bachelor Australia 2018 finale, a new set of suss pics seem to confirm The Honey Badger's chosen final two.

We've already had serious speculation that Brooke walks out before the finale, therefore ruling her out of the running, and then there was speculation Nick Cummins chooses Brittany Hockley before dumping her.

Now we have even more definitive evidence that statuesque brunette Brit makes it to the finale, along with blonde babe Sophie Tieman AKA the gem who can't pronounce the word 'segway'. Bless.


In new pics published by The Daily Mail, the two ladies can be seen at the airport in New Caledonia, keeping a low profile.

It's not certain but highly likely the two ladies were in the exotic locale to film the show's finale. Past seasons have all seen the final two flown to some summery island spot to have their hearts broken/fulfilled. Remember when Jarrod Woodgate was forced to crunch through the sand of a Fijian beach when Sophie Monk dumped him?

Longest walk ever.
Longest walk ever.

It's not exactly clear when the pics were taken, but the Mail's story strongly implies they're a few months old and they've been keeping them under their hat until the perfect moment.

With hometown visits around the corner and a finale not far off, it seems that 'perfect moment' is right now. Which can only mean we'll be waving goodbye to a whole bunch of "good sorts" (as Nick calls them) over the next few episodes, leaving Brittany and Sophie to duke it out for the final rose.