'The Bachelor Australia' 2018: The one where things got slightly X-rated


The Bachelor Australia definitely doesn't take its 7.30pm time slot too seriously — things can get fairly raunchy on the show without much warning.

But this season seems to have stepped things up a notch. Take Brittany's steamy pool kiss with Nick, for example. Plus, Nick is kinda notorious for slipping some tongue into his suitors' mouths. And, of course, there was THAT interview he gave about oral sex.

The man's a wild ball of sexual energy.

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But HOLY FUCKING SHIT did you see that pash with Sophie in the spa? That needed to come with a PG-13 warning so parents could send their children to bed.

First, there was the slightly tipsy smooshing of the faces...

Then, she mounted him and he slipped a tongue in.

Next minute, she's up on the side of the pool and he's getting VERY handsy.

And then there was THIS shot, which has to go down in history as one of the raunchiest camera shots in Bachie history.

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Goodness. Sophie and Nick have rockin' bods and killer confidence, so we say flaunt it, you crazy kids.

Just make sure those under the age of 13 aren't around to see it because that's a lot.