All the gossip and spoilers we know about ‘The Bachelor’ 2018

Who’s The Honey Badger gonna pick? We might have the answer to that...

By Katie Stow

It's nearly that time of year where your weekday nights are gobbled up by the need to watch every second of The Bachelor, to be sure you don't miss out on any bitchy moments or shirtless shots of the hunky dude running the show.

We've finally got an air date, August 15, 2018, and now a teaser trailer has given us our first glimpse of two contestants.

This year, in case you have forgotten, will see ex-rugby player Nick Cummins (AKA The Honey Badger) go on dates with around 22 women who have signed up for some reality show lovin'.

While Network Ten are yet to officially announce this year's full line-up, due to the new trailer, a few sneaky pap shots and a whole heap of rumours, we have been able to confirm the following gals as contestants on The Bachelor Australia 2018.

Brooke Blurton

Hailing from Western Australia, Brooke is a proud Noongar/Yamatji woman, who will no-doubt bring some important political and social conversations into the limelight, as well as injecting some much-needed diversity into The Bachelor cast.

Image from Brooke's Facebook page.
Image from Brooke's Facebook page.

But what do we already know about Brooke?

Brooke grew up in a small town in Canarvon (around 900km outside of Perth) with her mum and grandma, before her mother took her own life and her grandmother passed away a month later. Brooke explained in the video interview below that this had an enormous knock-on effect on her siblings who struggled with their own mental health problems:

Today, Brooke works as a youth worker who is heavily involved in Indigenous affairs and mental health issues (after struggling with her own battles with depression).
She loves to turn to sports to help her with those issues and now plays rugby union, rugby league and women's AFL—and she's obviously a natural at it because she has played for WA in Aussie Rules.

Image from Brooke's Facebook page.
Image from Brooke's Facebook page.

Sitting pretty with 6,104 followers, Brooke has opted to keep her Instagram on private—no doubt planning to relaunch her social presence once the show fires up.

Here are Brooke's social platforms:
Brooke Blurton's Twitter: 32 followers
Brooke Blurton's Instagram: 6,104 followers

How far will Brooke go on 'The Bachelor'?

Rumours are swirling that Brooke makes it to the final four, as Nick Cummins was spotted rocking up in Perth for home visits—which is where Brooke lives. If this is the case, then this will be a Bachelor first, as all five seasons of the show have only had white women in their final stages.

Cassandra Wood

The Miss World Australia NSW Finalist 2017 (who also moonlighted as an extra on Home and Away) is defs competing for The Honey Badger's heart this season of The Bachelor, after she was spotted at the Bachie safe house by paps earlier this year.

The blonde beauty seems to be living in Manly, which means it won't be a long distance relationship if Nick chooses her, as he is also based out of Sydney.

Cass already has a whopping 40.6K followers on Instagram, and is churning out a fair few #spon posts already.

It seems that Bachelor producers may have been targeting contestants that are already a lil bit famous, either for a guaranteed fan base, or so the ladies are fully prepped for life in the limelight.

Cass Wood has some common ground with The Honey Badger, as she joined a rugby 7s team last year. Now playing full contact for the Manly Mermaids, she claims to be learning how to "f*ck shit up" on the field.

Bet the other contestants take that as a threat!

Alisha Aitken Radburn

Alisha is bringing a new political spin to The Bachelor, as she was working in Bill Shorten's Canberra office before signing up for the show. Prior to that she was an extremely active student politician at Sydney University, running for the USU board under the catchy slogan 'Unleash Alisha'. You can see her promo video here:

After making it onto the USU board, Alisha was involved in a 'Blackface Scandal' after posting a picture of herself with a mate wearing mud facemasks. When she started getting a bit of backlash in her Facebook comments, she supposedly told people to "settle the fuck down" and that it was "pretty upsetting to be accused of racism when you're a progressive woman".

However, as she was a pretty big cheese on campus, Alisha had to issue a public apology, stating:

Before signing up for The Bachelor, Alisha was reportedly in a relationship with Dean Shachar who was the Vice President of the Young Liberals and is now an adviser for Pru Goward (a Liberal MP based in Goulburn). It seems that The Honey Badger will be a bit of a different flavour for Alisha, with the ex-rugby player, famed for his semi un-PC quotes like, "Sweatin' like a gypsy with a mortgage," and "Off like a bride's nightie".

Image from [Alisha's Facebook](|target="_blank").
Image from Alisha's Facebook.

Some outlets are already pegging Alisha as the villain for this season of The Bachelor (following in the footsteps of Keira Maguire and Jen Hawke) due to her spikey political personality. However, as we all know, pretty much anyone can be edited into a reality show villain, so there's potential that her political past won't be used against her and she'll go all the way to winning Nick Cummins' heart.

Ashlea Harvey

Ashlea is the 30-year-old single mother heading into the Bachelor mansion. While it's a common production trick to edit the on-screen mums to be a complicated choice (with soooo much baggage. Eyeroll, eyeroll, eyeroll…), there have actually been two mums that have won The Bachelor Australia: Snezana Markosi and Alex Nation.

Image from Ashlea's Facebook page.
Image from Ashlea's Facebook page.

According to her LinkedIn account, Ashlea is a 'New Home Consultant' based in Queensland, but according to her Instagram, she's also the creative director of a lingerie brand called Ora Intimates. The line's website seems to be 'coming soon', and we can only predict that impending launch will no doubt align perfectly with the peak of Ashley's fame off the back of the show.

Here are Ashlea's social platforms:
Ashlea Harvey's Instagram: 845 followers

How far will Ashlea go on 'The Bachelor'?

She was spotted on a group date with around six other women (so early stages in the comp), which may mean she is going to be one of the fodder girls who is kept around for a while, but ultimately has no one-on-one time with The Honey Badger.

Romy Poulier

Romy is an actress best known for her roles in Terra Nova and Home and Away, meaning we have full-blown professional actors on reality TV shows now. You can see her showreel here:

As Romy's Instagram is on private and she never posts on Twitter it is hard to decipher what she's been up to recently, but we do know who she's dated in the past. Romy was previously tied to fellow actor, Hugo Johnstone-Burt, they were last spotted at the Hollywood movie premiere for his flick, San Andreas, back in 2015.

Here are Romy's social platforms:
Romy Poulier's Twitter: 0 followers
Romy Poulier's Instagram: 1,821 followers

How far will Romy go on 'The Bachelor'?

We know from paparazzi shots of Romy and Nick Cummins that they have a single date on Manly beach during the season. However, whether she sticks around after that is unknown.

Blair Thomas

All we know about Blair so far is that she's a 27-year-old sports teacher who hates double standards and birds. (Because that's all she shared on her Instagram bio.)

Image from Blair's Facebook page.
Image from Blair's Facebook page.

She is followed by none other than Jake Ellis, so there's a chance that she may have a Jake Ellis story of her own…

Brittany Hockley

As an avid traveller, Britt decided to quit her job back in 2014 and buy a one-way ticket to see the world. She now seems to be rooted back in Sydney and has been posting some strangely suggestive captions on Facebook, like, "2018 is shaping up! Not quite sure what shape yet exactly, but looking forward to finding out…"

Image from Britt's Facebook page.
Image from Britt's Facebook page.

Here are Brittany's social platforms:
Brittany Hockley's Instagram: 2,419 followers

Cat Henesy

Cat is a creative soul living in Bali, working as a stylist and a creative director of her own clothing and jewellery brand, 'Henesii'. She seems like the classic cool girl, who is pretty casual and giggly most of the time — which has us thinking that she'll be enlisted as this season's narrator, offering funny quips and witty commentary on the girls and The Honey Badger.

With her business and personal Instagram accounts pooled together, she has a whopping 25.8K followers! While she's keeping her personal Instagram on private at the moment, you can see a snap of her buried in her business account, here:

Here are Cats's social platforms:
Cat Henesy's personal Instagram: 10K followers
Cat Henesy's business Instagram: 15.8K followers

Dasha Gaivoronski

Dasha is a 32-year-old single mother from Adelaide (though she's originally from Russia). Dasha was once married to Pavel Gaivornoski, and the pair once co-owned a restaurant named, 'Sushi Planet'.

Rumour has it Dasha gets the third single date with The Honey Badger, where the two hit the water together to go fly fishing on the Hawkesbury River.

Describing herself as a 'fitness and lifestyle model', Dasha has drummed up over 338,000 followers on Instagram.

She's currently posting Insta stories of herself in California, filming for her new training app, so we have a funny feeling that she isn't the winner of this year's The Bachelor.

Here are Dasha's social platforms:
Dasha Gaivoronski's personal Instagram: 330K followers

Emily Dibden

Emily seems to be the tallest of this year's Bachelor contestants, and she's an underwear model and amateur dancer from the looks of things on her (now private) Instagram account and YouTube channel.

Here are Emily's social platforms:
Emily Dibden's personal Instagram: 3,186 followers

Layla Leeann

Based off some suspicious Instagram-following-activity, we have reason to believe that Layla is in the mix for The Honey Badger's heart—but it seems she doesn't get too far.

Here are Layla's social platforms:
Layla Leeann's personal Instagram: 153 followers

Rhiannon Doherty

Gold Coast sales manager Rhiannon Doherty is rumoured to be joining the show after she was spotted on The Bachelor set. Also, her Instagram is set to private, so we can assume that she's on lockdown due to filming.

Image from Rhiannon's Facebook page.
Image from Rhiannon's Facebook page.

Here are Rhiannon's social platforms:
Rhiannon Doherty's personal Instagram: 1,076 followers

Shannon Baff

This is the chick who supposedly gets the first date on The Bachelor 2018 — which may mean that she also receives the First Impression Rose (if Osher is doing that whole shebang again).

Image from Shannon's Facebook page.
Image from Shannon's Facebook page.

Based off paparazzi pictures, we know that they head off on a paddle boarding date before popping a bottle of bubbly on the beach. Big spoiler here: Shannon also gets a rose on her one-on-one date, meaning she's definitely safe for at least two weeks.

Image from Shannon's Facebook page.
Image from Shannon's Facebook page.

Here are Shannon's social platforms:
Shannon Baff's personal Instagram: 2,668 followers

Now watch this hilarious video to get to know the new Bachelor:

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