Who wins ‘The Bachelor Australia’ 2018? We weigh up the options

Spoilers and predictions coming at ya.

By Katie Stow

We're officially well and truly hooked on this season of The Bachelor Australia and despite kinda wishing we had The Honey Badger for ourselves, we're just as invested in seeing who the heck he ends up with.

He has a fair bit of variety to choose from this season — with rugby players, jewellery designers and political advisors all in the mix. However, it's already fairly obvious who the front runners are vs. the ladies brought in to provide some lols along the way.

Out of the 'wifeys' on this season of The Bachelor who has the best chance? We weigh up all the potential winners to figure out who is going to rugby tackle off into the sunset with The Honey Badger.

Does Brittany Hockley win ‘The Bachelor’?

Brittany and Nick have some rather adorable history — unlike the ~kisstory~ between The Honey Badger and Cass — as they are both from the same area and were potentially both born in the same Port Macquarie hospital.

We saw the two have a very un-romantic date playing 'Foot Golf' before things got really steamy in the pool afterwards — where we witnessed one of the hottest kisses in Bachelor history.

Brittany doesn't seem to have any faults as yet, as she's smart, beautiful and oh-so-classy — cleverly avoiding drama in the house at all times. While this definitely makes her a catch, we think that there are actually women more well-suited to the Bach. We can imagine Nick with more of a rough-and-ready lass who is down with his weird lingo.

Does Cass Wood win ‘The Bachelor’?

Cass and Nick have a complicated backstory, with Cass admitting on arrival at the Bachelor mansion that she and The Honey Badger had dated before the show kicked off. However, their real relationship status was never truly defined and Cass' anxiousness was definitely edited to make her appear batshit crazy over Nick.

There have been dream journals, almost-kisses and many a possessive stare from across the cocktail party, but yet she has been kept around this whole time. Even after she essentially dropped the L-bomb!

However, there's still a chance that the two could work it out. There was obviously something between them before, so that spark could re-ignite.

Does Brooke Blurton win ‘The Bachelor’?

Brooke stole the show early on, capturing The Honey Badger's attention enough for him to give her the key to the Bachelor pad. And we totally get it — she's a gorgeous, smart gal who works with disadvantaged kids and loves all types of footy, so we'd be into her too!

In the few private moments the two have shared it's clear that they get along and their "energy" is good, but does Brooke go all the way?

We're pretty damn sure that Brooke definitely makes it to home visits, and, to be honest, our money is on her going all the way.

Does Shannon Baff win ‘The Bachelor’?

Shannon scored the first date with Nick Cummins, meaning he must be pretty into her — or at least more into her than the other 20-odd girls he could have picked. The two seemed to have a lot of fun on their date, having a big old laugh and frolicking about in the Hawkesbury river.

Despite the fact they didn't share a smooch on their date, it's clear that Shannon has a serious case of ~catching feels~, because she broke down at the cocktail party when she found out Nick and Romy had kissed on their pizza date.

Despite there being very little interaction since then, we do think that Shannon and Nick are a good match. They're easygoing, giggly and they speak each other's language — in the literal sense, Shannon seems to be the only one that understands his jargon.

For these reasons, we reckon she's a front runner for The Honey Badger's heart — but that she'll probably juuuust miss out to Brooke.

Does Sophie Tieman win ‘The Bachelor’?

Sophie has kinda just been keeping herself to herself in the background, but seeing as she hasn't had a dramatic blowout with anyone and she's a regulation hottie, we reckon that she'll be the dark horse of the competition.

We predict that Sophie will gain momentum enough to maybe win the Badgelor's love, but that there's a fairly significant obstacle ahead: Her ex.

The first cocktail party saw Cat call out Sophie for dating her ex-boyfriend and accuse her of still seeing him even after signing up for The Bachelor. We have a funny feeling that all this shit will bubble up again.