'The Bachelor Australia' viewers reckon Nick Cummins is fudging his feelings for Cass Wood

We ain't buying it, Badger.

By Susannah Guthrie

Last night, after stringing her along for a total of 11 episodes, The Bachelor Australia contestant Cass Wood FINALLY got a single date with Nick Cummins.

And the only ones more excited than Cass herself were the viewers at home.

It's true, young Cass has laid her heart (and even her diary) on the line episode after episode with not much in return, so last night's single date should have been the moment where she got some answers from The Honer Badger.

Cass was even brave enough to ask Nick flat out if he had feelings for her.

His response? A whole lotta NOTHING.

"To be honest I actually find it difficult to show a lot of feelings and emotion in this environment. There's a fair bit going on," Nick said. Um, a few weeks ago you literally called Brooke a potential wife soooo....

He then added: "You've got a glow about you, you honestly do, it's a beautiful thing, I think other people see that."

Are you suggesting she see other people, Nick? Give the girl a straight answer!

He also said he wanted "progress and development" in his relationships and was concerned Cass couldn't provide that. Uh, mate, we're pretty sure she's got her wedding dress stowed away in her wardrobe ready to go at any minute.

Viewers at home with similarly unimpressed.

Up your game, Cummins. Or at least stop stringing her along.