'The Bachelor Australia's Jamie Lee talks bisexuality and Brooke

And those dating rumours...

By Susannah Guthrie

Jamie Lee Dayz was only on The Bachelor Australia for a hot second, but in that time she managed to seriously injure herself and inspire rumours she was secretly dating fellow contestant and season fave Brooke.

Despite being sent home by Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins, Jamie Lee is in a great place and has found love with a former flame.

We chatted to the show's most recent evictee about life post-Bachie and those pesky Brooke rumours.

Cosmo: We have to ask, is there any truth to the rumours you and Brooke were an item?

Jamie-Lee: No! Yes, I've dated women and so has Brooke but that doesn't automatically mean we're dating. We're really good friends.

Cosmo: How do you think the show handled Brooke telling Nick about her sexuality?

JL: The reason I didn't feel like I had to tell Nick a big secret about my sexuality was because he didn't really know much about me. But Nick and Brooke had this crazy connection and it was really evident and of course she felt like she was needing to get to know him, so she felt that was important to tell him.

Cosmo: What's your dating life been like since you left the show?

JL: It was totally unexpected but I was at an event recently and my ex was there and we started talking and we hit it off. This is my most recent ex, I broke up with about her about 6 months before the whole Bachelor thing went down.

Cosmo: How did she feel watching you on the show?

JL: She doesn't watch the show, she doesn't even watch TV! But she's really supportive. We were friends throughout the whole thing. I called her before I went in, she wanted me to find love.