Did Matty J just give Laura a portrait of his ex, Georgia Love?!

Well that’ll win her over…

By Katie Stow
The Bachelor Matty gives Laura a portrait of Georgia Love

We are rallying up for the season finale of The Bachelor Australia, anxiously awaiting Matty J to drop the bomb about who he has fallen for. Will it be Laura Byrne the sophisticated jewellery designer from Matty’s home town, or Elise Stacy*, the ex-Hockeyroos player who has been labelled as ‘The Matty J of Matty J’s Season’?

TBH, this isn’t super important news to us right now 'cos we have bigger fish to fry, and that fish is: Why the hell did Matty J just give Laura a portrait of Georgia Love?!

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Comparisons have already been made between the two ladies — with Bachie fans noticing the similarities between Laura and Matty’s ex, the second Miss Byrne stepped out of the limousine.

And you can’t really deny it…

However, on the penultimate episode of The Bachelor, Matty seemed to rub salt in the Georgia-lookalike wound when he presented Laura with a ~gift~.

The pressie was meant to be portrait of Laura (as a nod to their first date when they drew each other), but we can’t help but see Georgia Love’s face in the sketch.

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Though Laura has been picked as the favourite, we can’t help but feel the awkwardness of this whole situation. Like, sure, it’s nice to be picked as the winner, but when it’s because you look like the ex, it’s a bit of a back-handed-Bachelor compliment. Ya know?

But this little portrait palava did give us a giggle. We can’t lie about that!

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