Nick Cummins reportedly dumped 'The Bachelor Australia' winner after the show ended

So much for lasting love and commitment.

By Susannah Guthrie

Despite casting lovable Aussie larrikin Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins in the lead role, this season of The Bachelor Australia might prove to be the most dramatic ever, with Nick reportedly dumping his chosen lady shortly after the finale was filmed.

Just as it was revealed show favourite Brooke Blurton walks off the series before the finale, it's been alleged Nick is already single after dumping supposed winner Brittany Hockley despite the producers' best efforts.

According to Woman's Day, Nick chooses fan fave Brittany to win, but the pair's relationship got rocky shortly after filming ended.

"Things fell apart soon after the series ended and he refused to 'fake it' to appease the network," an on-set source told Woman's Day.

"It's painfully obvious he's never gotten over his ex, Martine Strøm Thomassen and I don't think his family have either as they're still friends on Facebook and Instagram. It was a massive issue for Brit who has nothing to do with her ex."

It's true that The Honey Badger talks A LOT about his ex, a gorgeous blonde Norwegian artist who you can read about here.

He also gave this very whack interview about her when the show first aired:

These reports aren't exactly a shock given we've already seen speculation Nick is out and about dating other women while the show is still on air.

"Rumours are doing the rounds he's hooked up with someone else recently in Perth and Sydney," the Woman's Day source said.

Subtle, Nick.