'The Bachelor' runner-up Nikki Gogan has finally revealed the identity of her new boyfriend

Richie, eat your heart out.

By Susannah Guthrie

After weeks of teasing us with his identity, former Bachelor contestant Nikki Gogan has revealed the name and face of her new boyfriend, architect Bill Coe.

After having her heart stomped all over by Richie 'Cool Bananas' Strahan in season four, it seems Nikki has finally found the sweet, handsome bloke she deserves.

The couple were super loved-up in snaps Nikki shared from a black tie event in Fremantle, Perth, and boy, does young Bill know how to rock a tux.

They appear to have been dating since at least early June, when Nikki shared a very coy snap of her cuddling up to Bill on her b'day while craftily obscuring his face.

She knew we wanted the goss and she milked it. For that, we salute her.

She kept the mystery going with another Insta post in late June, while she was on a trip to Las Vegas, which she captioned: "Get me home to this one."

Plenty of people thought "this one" was referring to Cam Cranley, a contestant on Georgia Love's season of The Bachelorette.

Alas, that cross-Bachie love match has been rendered impossible.

But still, it's pretty heartwarming to see Australia's golden girl, the greatest runner-up since Shannon Noll, find love without a reality TV show.

Just look at their cute, happy faces, would ya?

We don't know much about Bill Coe, the man who holds Nikki's heart, other than that he's a Director at the Slavin Architecture in North Fremantle.

According to his professional bio, "Bill holds beauty as equal to functionality in importance—in his view, every new building is an opportunity to create something beautiful".

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His Instagram also suggests he's an amateur baker, cat lover and a Paul Kelly fan.

The perfect man, TBH.

Richie, meanwhile, might be feeling a bit left out because he posted this shirtless shot a few days before Nikki took her romance public.

One like = one prayer.