Osher is RIPPED on this ‘Men’s Health’ cover and we can't stop staring

One word: RIG.

By Katie Stow


We have to admit we may have become so used to seeing Osher Günsberg as the loveable host/father figure of The Bachelor franchise, we didn't really give a second thought to what was under his shirt. So when this shock Men's Health cover landed in our feed, we stopped and we stared (for more time than we care to admit on the Internet).

Osher took to his Instagram to say, "I'd never take my shirt off on camera unless it was for the cover of @menshealthau. I'm a man of my word." And boy is he!

Osher looks buff as all hell on the cover, flashing his abs and pecks and killer smize.

Our fave host says he managed to drop a whopping 9kg of fat in 10 weeks, and gained 2.5kg of muscle by eating nothing but a plant-based diet and "training every day until I was a flat pancake on the gym floor".

While this is an intense way to lose weight, and we're not endorsing a dramatic change in your lifestyle, we are happy to report that Osher is chuffed with his new look — particularly after finding that his weight was impacting his mental health.

Men's Health reports that The Bachelor host was struggling with, "Alcoholism, depression, OCD, anxiety, body dysmorphia . . . his whole life Günsberg has faced a series of battles that threatened to torpedo his mental health". That's why Osher decided to undertake this transformation, hoping that it would help him manage his life after going off his prescribed medication.

You're telling us, mate!

Flick through pics of Osher's fitness journey (including an insane before and after shot) in the post he shared on Instagram:

Honestly, we can't wait to see the new chipper, ripped Osher in action on The Bachelor when it kicks off next week!

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