Apparently ‘The Bachelor’ finale is going to be a legit wedding between Nick and his winner

There’s gonna be a Mrs. Honey Badger!

By Katie Stow

We've honestly been watching this season of The Bachelor thinking that Nick Cummins wouldn't end up with any of the contestants on the show, because they're doesn't seem to be a perfect pick for The Honey Badger.

However, rumours are now out and about saying that not only does Nick find, but he actually gets MARRIED to them in a wedding ceremony that'll be aired during the season finale.


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In an exclusive chat with NW, The Honey Badger teased that marriage was on the cards, saying:

Yes, those dots drove us barmy too.

Since that chat, sources have revealed that he takes things one (massive) step further and organised a goddamn wedding for the finale episode, because he was that keen to get married to his winner.

"He said to producers he was not only ready to get down on one knee but he was also keen to get hitched. We thought it was a joke, but he said he just wanted to 'make her his missus' – and told the crew to call in 'any old celebrant' who could make it happen," spills NW's source.

These rumours feel pretty real because we've already seen those shots of Nick holding a big old ruby ring in The Bachelor promos. The three-stone ring is from Larsens and it features a peach diamond in a rose gold setting. The ring is said to be around $10,000. Lucky Mrs. Honey Badger!

So who's the lucky lady? We're pretty sure we've already figured out who the winner is, so if you want to spoil things for yourself, click here. However, if you want more a round-up of all the girls and their potential to steal The Honey Badger's heart, click on the gallery below.