Apollo 13: Facts you need to know about this dreamboat on 'The Bachelorette'

Can we have him if Sophie doesn’t want him?

By Jessica Chandra

We have a confession: When Apollo Jackson was revealed as one of the first contestants on this year's season of The Bachelorette Australia, we were dubious. Sure, he's tall and handsome, but he's also 24 and a magician. To quote Sophie Monk, we thought magicians were nerdbergers. And the whole age thing — how many 24 year olds are seriously looking to settle down?

But then Apollo made his grand entrance — he was the first of 18 men to introduce himself — and even though he freaked out Sophie a little, with his dry ice and pop wizardry, we knew we were in trouble. He was charming! He was surprising! He turned a napkin into a rose!

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At the first cocktail party, Apollo even proved he's also a nice guy by offering one of the guys his seat. Then, for the season's first group date — a photo shoot — Sophie proved her brilliance when she cast Apollo as the Ares to her Aphrodite. Basically, she gave Apollo a reason to take his top off, and we are HERE. FOR. IT.

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So, in honour of the guy everyone's already fallen in love with, and who we'll happily take if Sophie decides he's not the man for her, here are 13 facts you should know about Apollo.

1. Apollo Jackson isn't his real name — it's Jake Spence. Yeah, a little disappointing. But we shouldn't be too surprised. He told NW that he chose his name because "I had a crappy, old, beat-up car for a while called Apollo. That's the car I started to drive to my [magic] gigs. I even slept in it for a little bit! So I took Apollo as my first name."

2. Apollo isn't just a professional magician! This multi-talented dude is also a music artist and stunt actor (thanks, Insta bio).

3. Apollo is legit when it comes to his magic — he's performed shows in Vegas.

4. He's met magic ~legend~ David Copperfield!

5. OK, this fact totally shocked us. Even though his body currently looks like it's been carved by God, a few years ago, Apollo looked completely different, and weighed in at 150kg. He told NW that he suffered a heart attack in 2015 (when he was 22), which forced him to reassess his life. Because he was a "bigger guy" (his words), he worked as a security guard.

6. His body may look too good to be true, but it's all real — at least according to fellow contestant Sam. "His pecs are real! He is really muscly. He's been cast in stone, 100 per cent. Trust me, I did the bicep grab, the pec grab, just wanted to make sure it was all legitimate, and it wasn't implants. It's all legit. He's a god," fellow contestant Sam told Cosmo.

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7. His idea of a bad date is one where the girl is on her phone the whole night. So, if Sophie doesn't pick Apollo, and you have the chance to date him, put your phone away.

8. Apollo has a song coming out this summer. It's called "Addiction."

9. His birthday is September 4, 1992.

10. While Apollo loves his magic, it's not his passion — he's actually most passionate about charity and his humanitarian work. (What a muffin.) He's the face of a charity called Horses Helping Humans, which focuses on the healing power of animals for people affected by disabilities and illness.

11. One of Apollo's claims to fame (pre-The Bachelorette) was when he predicted the top three Melbourne Cup place-getters a week before the race in 2016.

12. Apollo signed up for The Bachelorette because he finds it hard to meet girls when he's travelling so much.

13. Also, he was scouted for the show. He had been single for a year-and-a-half when he was approached. "Then I found out it was Sophie — and I've always admired her. I thought it'd be amazing to meet her — she's gorgeous!" he said.

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