Apollo from 'The Bachelorette' explains why his final date with Sophie Monk went so wrong

We still love you, Apollo!

By Jessica Chandra

Apollo Jackson was eliminated from The Bachelorette last night — SOB. If we’re honest, we weren’t completely shocked that Sophie Monk didn’t give the 24-year-old magician a rose — not because he isn’t amazing, and pretty much a god, but because there are two other guys who she thought were more compatible for her. And at the end of the day, like Apollo said, it’s Sophie’s choice.

Still, we’re thankful that Sophie took Apollo — whose real name is Jake Spence, BTW — all the way to the top three, because it meant we got to see more of him! We got to see more of his magic tricks (hello, fork bending), shirtless body and charming, old-school nature. We even got to see his family, including feisty Grandma Ellie!

If the fan reaction is anything to go by, this will not be the last we see of Apollo Jackson — or hear of him, since he has a new song coming out called “Addiction.”

Apollo chatted to Cosmo about what went wrong on his last date, why he’ll never look at bread sticks the same way again, and who he thinks is the better match for Sophie out of Jarrod Woodgate and Stu Laundy.

Apollo, you were a gentleman right until the end, and it was sad to see you get eliminated. We saw your Instagram post about it, and how you said the wrong thing to Sophie. Can you talk us through that?

We had an amazing date; it was beautiful. Then it got to the later part of the evening. I was so worried about that date that I had no sleep the night before, and I was exhausted heading into that — I couldn’t string a sentence together. I was just so nervous sitting there, so when she asked about kids, I said, “Three or four-to-six years for marriage,” and I’d sort of tried to jump and correct myself and say I meant kids. I just struggled, and like the bread sticks in front of me, I crumbled [laughs].

I literally have ‘bread sticks’ written down in front of me. Will you ever look at bread sticks the same way?

It’s so funny, because on the coast, it’s now officially a thing after last night — if there’s an awkward situation, you say “bread stick,” apparently. Instead of saying “awkies,” you go, “bread sticks.”

You’ve started a trend!

I’ll be forever reminded [laughs].

Were you in love with Sophie?

I was falling in love with her, 100 per cent. And that’s what made is so hard, especially after meeting family and everything, and my grandma. It was really hard that it didn’t end the way I wanted it to.

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How did you feel when Sophie said she didn't feel like you were fighting for her as much as the other guys?

It was really hard, because I’m obviously a really chilled guy. If I have feelings or something, I’ll just sit there and chat about it. I’m not a Jarrod personality or anything like that. When she said that, I sort of tried to spill my heart out a little more, and be like, “Look, this is how I’m feeling, and I do see a future with you, and this is this, and this is that.” I was a bit confused. I didn’t understand the ‘fighting for her’ sort of thing.

Do you have any regrets, whether it was from that last date, or your time in general on the show?

From the moment I walked in the house, I was 100 per cent me. I just try to live in the moment, in every situation. Even though I gave you the most awkward moment in Australian television history, that was just me in the moment! I was tired, I couldn’t string a sentence together, I said the wrong thing and tried to correct myself, stumbling over my words… It happened, and it was in the moment. Wish it ended differently, but that was it!

I think it’s the only time The Bachelorette has ever had no music playing in the background.

Yeah, they just had the crunching of the bread stick [laughs].

You were getting the cheese just right!

There was a lot of cheese on that last bread stick. I’ll give you a little bit from behind the scenes: the reason I offered the bread stick was because I’d had about 13 of them, and there was only one left, so I thought, ‘I’ll be a gentleman and offer the last one to Sophie.’

How do you feel towards Sophie now?

I still admire all those amazing things about her — she’s down to earth, she makes everyone feel good around her, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, but puts herself in every situation wholeheartedly. She’s an amazing, caring woman, and is so fun and outgoing at the same time. I really do admire her, but at the end of the day, I’m always gonna be happy if she picks the right person for her. Whoever she’s happy with, that’s all you could want.

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Did you know how strong Jarrod and Stu’s feelings were? Did you know that Jarrod had told Sophie he was in love with her?

I didn’t know. We were split up as soon as it got to that last three, so we couldn’t have our dates and come back and go, “How did yours go?” “It was amazing, we went go-karting and I said this. How did yours go?” “It went really awkward, I started speaking a different language and offered her a bread stick.” [Laughs] We didn’t get to compare those.

Are you over Sophie?

I did take a bit of time. When I came back, I’ve been spending a lot of time with family and friends, focusing on the stuff that I’m passionate about. I’m still looking for love; I’m still looking for that special person. That experience personified how much I do want to find a person, I think.

Would you be keen to look for love as the next Bachelor?

This is pretty fresh, and it’s something I think I’d definitely be open to. The fact that people have been able to see a little snapshot of me, and what I’m about, I’m pretty sure it would attract the right applicants for me.

How about Bachelor in Paradise? I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Osher accidentally spoiled that you wouldn’t win The Bachelorette because he said he hoped to see you on Paradise.

Bloody Osh! [Laughs] He’s a legend — I love Osher, I look up to him so much. At this stage, I don’t know if it’s for me or not. It’s something I haven’t really looked at, so I can’t give you anything there.

How much time did you spend practising your magic in the mansion?

There was a lot of time, actually! We were either outside laying in the sun, or playing basketball, using the gym. We played a lot of card games, which was great, because I got to cheat. So I did have a little bit of time to play around with magic.

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And how about working out? I feel you would have worked out a lot in the mansion.

Not as much as you’d think! Probably one to three times a week we’d go to the gym? Most of the time we’d go out and play basketball, or lay in the sun, relaxing and listening to music. And cooking — I love cooking, so I was cooking every dinner for the boys. I had people to cook for, so I was like, “This is unbelievable!” So yeah! It wasn’t just gym-film, gym-film.

Did you have to cook heaps because you’re feeding a house full of men?

Oh the boys can eat, I tell you what!

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What was their favourite Apollo meal?

There was a bit of experimental stuff there! Eden and I, we tried to be a bit experimental one night, and we actually made our own version of KFC. We made this deep-fried chicken. We didn’t have the right ingredients for it, so we used pancake mix, we had a whole spice cupboard, and we used crushed Cornflakes. So that was really fun, and I put some jalapeño accents in as well. There were heaps of stir-fries. We’d do Mexican nights every now and then. Sometimes Jarrod would come in and cook. AJ wasn’t in there for very long, but he cooked some amazing meals, being a chef. He went next-level — it was great.

Do you go more by Apollo or Jake?

Apollo sort of became — even though it was my stage name for music and magic — it ended up being like a nickname. So that’s why it eventuated on the show — a lot of my mates call me Apollo now, and it’s something different too, it’s something I answer to. Whereas Jake, which is my normal name… You know what it’s like. When someone’s got a nickname, you answer to that more, because there’s a million Jakes in the world.

Who do you think is a better match for Sophie out of Stu and Jarrod?

Look, I’m gonna be as surprised as everyone else. I hate to do this to you, but I think there’s qualities in both of them that would match Sophie well, so it’s gonna be pretty neck-and-neck I think.

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