Brett from 'The Bachelorette' clarifies his gushy comments about his ex-girlfriend

Brett was part of Sophie’s major cull.

By Jessica Chandra

Do you know who Brett Moore was on The Bachelorette Australia? TBH, we don’t blame you if you don’t, because the 27-year-old personal trainer from Perth was one of the hotties in the background, who we thought could have a Matty J-esque second wind.

But no, that wasn’t the case. Sophie Monk was presented with four new intruders on last night’s episode — all of them older than the OG guys — and as a result, she had to send four guys home. Poor Soph got a bit emotional during the rose ceremony, and had to excuse herself briefly while she calmed down outside. (We love that she said to Osher, “Should I lie and say I had something in my eye? That’s so lame.”)

In the end, she eliminated Hayden, Brett, Harry and one of the intruders, young-looking grandpa Paul.

Brett chatted to Cosmo to share his thoughts on the intruders — including Stu, who’s been rumoured to win the show — why he never interrupted dates, and what he really meant when he said his ex-girlfriend was “the best thing to ever happen to me thus far.”

Were you shocked to get eliminated?

Watching it last night, or in real life?

In real life!

[Laughs] Was I shocked to get the boot? Nah, it was cool. I was alright.

Did you get nervous when Osher said Sophie thought some of the younger guys weren’t ready to settle down?

I don’t know if he threw me in that boat as well. I wouldn’t have been on the show unless I was actually ready to settle, but there were some guys who were like 24, who I think that immediately resonated with.

Yeah, in the press release you said you were ready to settle down.

Yeah, like I’m not desperate for a relationship, but at the same time, if you have a really good connection with someone, or a really cool chick, then you’ve gotta be open to that. That’s what life to do to ya, it’ll throw that at ya. So if you’re open to it! Whereas I think if I was 24, I wouldn’t have been ready to settle.

Do you think Sophie really had no idea the intruders were coming?

I don’t think I can read her mind or what she knew. Us boys were pretty sure it was gonna happen.

What were your impressions of them?

Obviously a few of them took my place, so I only got to cross paths with them for a day. Stu was an absolute ripper; AJ seemed like good value. Guy… yeah, Guy. What do I say? How do I do this amicably?

Spit it out!

He was no good. [Laughs] And I forget the other one.


Oh, I don’t know. He just wasn’t my type of bloke. That’s fine, you don’t click with everyone.

The other one was the young grandpa.

There was a grandpa on the show?

The one with the long hair!

Oh yeah, he’s a Perth boy from Armadale! Look, he was pretty quiet, so I don’t have a bad word to say about him. He seemed like a nice guy. He seemed like a loving granddad.

Sophie with the intruders: AJ, Paul, Stu and Guy
Sophie with the intruders: AJ, Paul, Stu and Guy

There are heaps of reports that Stu will win. What were your vibes about him and his connection with Sophie?

He just seemed easy-going, like a cruisy kind of bloke who seemed comfortable in his own skin, and where he’s at in life. I think if you’re looking for a partner, that’s a pretty big thing you’re looking for: someone that’s comfortable in their own skin, and doing their thing. He’s very established, he’s very comfortable and has a family already. I saw on the show last night he said he absolutely loves kids. Sophie wants kids, so, yeah, sounds like a good fit.

Also on last night’s episode, Luke said you “needed to pull your finger out,” and Sam said your “macho-ness gets in the way of exploring real stuff.” Do you agree?

Wait, who are they talking about?

They were talking about you.

When did that happen?

It was at the party before the rose ceremony. It cut to you, and then they said those things. Unless it was edited to look like that…

Yeah. I think that would’ve been edited. Luke could’ve told me to pull my finger out, 'cos he was always telling me to go up to Sophie and pull her aside for a one-on-one chat, but I never got into that game. I never went up and approached her, and stole her away from other blokes. Lukey was always on me back. Like as a mate, he’d be like, “Mate, you need to go steal her and get some time.” But life works out, everything works out. We always ended up having time together, whether she came and approached me, or we just ended up being next to one another, and going for a walk. Everything worked out as it should be.

How did you feel about Sophie at that point?

I was fine — as I said, I was at peace either way. It’s a pretty unorthodox way to meet a girl. I think the show’s got a little bit of credibility there, in helping people find a partner, and if it’s meant to be you, it’s meant to be you. At the end of the day, it’s her choice, and if she gives you the boot, then she wasn’t feeling it. So that’s all good.

In the press release you said your ex-girlfriend was the “best thing to ever happen to me thus far.”

Yeah I got lit up for that! I got absolutely smashed by that. How did you interpret that?

You said you had a girlfriend of four-five years, and said she was the best thing, so I just wondered what went wrong.

OK, cool. I had a drink with her on Sunday, and she was like, “I just thought it was a really sweet statement,” because obviously she knows me. I meant it as in I got with her when I was 21. You grow up until you’re 25, 26, and split ways. I’ve got her to thank for a lot of things. You deal with a lot of things in life — she had my back every single day. She’s a gorgeous girl inside and out, but we grew apart, because that’s what you do between that age — you grow up and you change. We amicably split ways. So I had a drink with her on Sunday, I’ll probably have a coffee with her this week at some point. I’ve got nothing but love for her.

But I saw magazines the other day, like, ‘Brett’s got a serious case of the ex.’ [Laughs] ‘Brett’s hung up on his ex.’ I wouldn’t have gone on the show if I was hung up on a girl. And she was one of my first phone calls when I got out of the house. Although it wasn’t shown, Sophie asked me about her, so she was discussed on the show a fair bit on the first night. So we sat down and had a coffee, and she asked me about the whole experience. Still to this day, she’s got my back, so I’ve got a lot of love for her.

That’s so nice. Who were your best mates in the house and who do you still keep in touch with?

My best mates were probably our official sponsor, Hahn SuperDry. [Laughs] Nah, I was really lucky to room with Sammy, who managed to put a really comical light on everything. He and I were often laughing all hours of the night — I remember one night we up until 5 a.m., just losing it.

Ryan is probably one of the best blokes in the house, he’s an absolute ripper. I still speak to him on the phone two-three times a week. I spoke to him on the phone for an hour yesterday.

Mack, he’s a Perth boy, I’m having a coffee with him later today, so I’m still very, very close to him. I had a lot of good connections.

Are we seeing guys for what they are really like? Who is being represented truly, and who isn’t?

That’s something I was very aware of, that whatever you say they can use in any way, as you just mentioned to me before — they cropped something and related it back to me, potentially. I think Ryan was shed in a really bad light. I gave him a call first thing in the morning after the first episode, 'cos I thought they were pretty rough. I’m sure you’ve read in that Facebook rant that he’s lucky it happened to him, 'cos he’s got really thick skin.

But that’s what you sign up for when you do reality telly — they can depict in any way they want. Some guys are actually saying and doing the things they’re showing, so you’re gonna get shown in that light 'cos you actually did that. But there’s definitely an opportunity for producers, and they like to skew it how they want. They’ve got to make a TV show that’s interesting, you know?

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Have you dated since leaving the show? Or do you plan to date soon?

I’m happy — I’ll just put it that way. I’m super happy. I’m cool. I’m in a really good place, and everything’s going nicely at the moment.