Here's what we know about the intruders on Sophie Monk's season of 'The Bachelorette'

One of them is a major frontrunner, apparently.

By Jessica Chandra

Since Matty J’s season of The Bachelor didn’t have any intruders, we kind of forgot they were a thing. But The Bachelorette will mix things up this week, with the introduction of not two, not three, but four new men competing for Sophie Monk’s affections. How will Jarrod deal?!

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The intruders on Sophie’s season will be a big deal because (SPOILER ALERT) it’s been heavily reported that Sophie has chosen one of them as her perfect man at the end.

The last time an intruder got so close to getting the final rose was when Lana Jeavons-Fellows joined The Bachelor halfway through Sam Wood’s season, and ended up being his runner-up because he chose Snezana Markoski! And now the two are the most ~successful~ couple to emerge from the Bachelor franchise in Australia, with an engagement and a baby on the way.

None of the male intruders on The Bachelorette have really made an impact so far — in fact, on Georgia Love’s season, it was more like the producers chucked in more mates for the guys — so we can’t wait to see these handsome suitors make their mark.

One thing we know for sure? The four men will be older than all of the men left remaining. In one of the ads, one of them even says he’s a grandpa — seriously, what the?!

Anyway, here’s what we know about them.

Stu Laundy

Stu is a 44-year-old publican who is heir to a $500 million fortune! Yowza! He has four (!!) daughters with his ex-wife, Rachel, and technically the two are still married — apparently they are in the final stages of their divorce settlement. “I absolutely prefer being married, absolutely,” he told News Corp. “[Divorce] wasn’t my decision. But any chance of reconciling is pretty much over, I would say. And that’s basically why the divorce has taken so long. I really wanted to work it out.”

Also, Stu has been on TV before. Earlier this year, he participated in the SBS show and social experiment Filthy Rich and Homeless, where rich, privileged Aussies spent some time living on the streets.


AJ, 37, is a chef from NSW who’s worked at some of the best restaurants in the country. His first gift to Sophie was a dream menu he could cook for her, so he’s already a winner in her (and our) eyes. He has two kids.


Guy is a 37-year-old optometrist from NSW, but he originally hails from the UK. His dashing good looks mean he also works as a part-time model (obviously), and he probably has an endless supply of eyewear to gift to potential partners — like he did with Sophie.


Paul, 39, is a law student from Western Australia — WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO BE A GRANDPA! As Jarrod said, he’s the “youngest oldest guy I’ve ever seen.” Paul explained that he had kids when he was young — he has five sons — which is why he’s doing the whole uni thing now. Unfortunately, Paul didn’t make it past his first night, so he was eliminated along with Harry, Brett and Hayden.