Oops, Jarrod may have spoiled that he doesn't win 'The Bachelorette' with this slip-up

And it could have been easily avoided…

By Jessica Chandra

If you plan on entering a dating reality TV show, here’s a word of advice: shut down your online dating profiles, especially if you’re being pegged as one of the frontrunners on the show.

We bring this up because Jarrod Woodgate, from Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette Australia, has popped up on the dating app Bumble, which pretty much means he won’t win the show.

The Daily Mail reports that his profile is ‘active’ too, which means it isn’t a case of him showing up on people’s profiles despite deleting the app (this happens).

In one of his profile photos, Jarrod can be seen dancing with his sister at her wedding. Without context, the photo could look like Jarrod is at his own wedding, but we know that’s not the case.

But that’s not all! Jarrod isn’t the only contestant from The Bachelorette this year to make an appearance on Bumble while the show’s been running.

Perth-based ‘investor and entrepreneur’ Blake Colman has also been seen on the dating app. Even though he’s originally from Western Australia, his bio reads, “Life is like a box of chocolates… just moved to Sydney, who wants to be my tour guide?”

So this definitely suggests his profile has been updated, and that he’s looking for a lady love who isn’t Sophie.

On top of this, a source told the Daily Mail what position Blake comes on The Bachelorette. “Blake is a friend of a friend so I’ve known for a long time that he finishes fourth,” the source said, adding that Blake thinks he’s being set up to be the next Bachelor.

Note to Blake: that usually doesn’t happen when you’re given the bass-heavy ‘villain’ music upon arrival, but weirder things have happened.

TBH, Blake would do really well on Bachelor in Paradise. We can totally see him hooking up with past The Bachelor babes.

And a quick word to the guys: try harder! When Lisa Carlton spoke to Cosmo about being a frontrunner on Matty J’s season of The Bachelor, she revealed she even avoided hanging out with male friends in case people realised she didn’t win!

“I’ve literally just kept my head down since I got out of the house — just because I was a frontrunner from the beginning, and I didn’t want that to get spoiled for people, like go out and have coffee with one of my guy friends, and then all of a sudden there’s an article like, ‘Lisa Carlton spotted out with her new boyfriend!’ and end up with Matty J. So I’ve just been at home, doing my own thing, keeping a low profile,” Lisa said.

She practically became a hermit for the sake of not spoiling the show for us.

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Anyway, it seems Bumble is the preferred dating app for ex-Bachelorette contestants, with heaps of them popping up over the past few years, including Alex Cameron and Dave Lloyd from Sam Frost’s season, and Courtney Dober from Georgia Love’s season.

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