Sam from 'The Bachelorette' on whether he'd cut off his hair for Sophie Monk

Sam made a pretty big first impression.

By Jessica Chandra

We’re only one week into The Bachelorette Australia 2017, but there are already a few men who’ve made huge first impressions — not just on Sophie Monk, but on us, too.

Samual Cochrane is one of them. The voiceover artist from NSW had one of the best red carpet arrivals of all time — using three of his adorable nephews to ask Sophie to date him. Seriously, we melted a little — and so did Sophie.

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In the first episode, he was also involved in a random walk-off between the #ManBuns and the #CleanCuts, and was forced to do an undies run as the loser. This was also pretty memorable, but more for the reason that it took him ages to strip off. (That’s what happens when you wear thermals under your tux.)

Sophie admired his balls — metaphorically, and, er, maybe literally — so she gave him the night’s most-coveted prize: the new double delight rose, which means Sam has automatically scored two single dates with the beautiful Bachelorette.

Sam chatted to Cosmo after night one about why he wrangled his nephews for his introduction, what the deal with his hair is, and whether we’re seeing the real Sam on TV.

You had a pretty major role in the first episode. What’s the reaction been like?

It’s been very positive. That’s exactly what I’m like when I’m not in a mansion with a bunch of dudes, running around in my undies. That’s what I’m like, so it’s just an extension of me. The people that know me are just like, ‘Yep, that’s the guy we know.’ It’s been very surreal, but lovely.

How about that thermal strip-off?

Look. [Laughs] The thing is, I don’t normally wear undies either, and thank God — not only did I wear one pair, I wore thermals as well! It was cold. I don’t know if you could see the fog coming out of guys’ mouths when they were talking, but it was a particularly cold night. But that kind of added to it. Jumping into the water was definitely Titanic-like, to be honest. I had to get out pretty quickly.

How did you come up with the idea to use your nephews for your first impression?

I have nine nephews. I have a big family, but the nephews are definitely an integral part of my life. I enjoy hanging with them whenever I get the opportunity. So, again, it was just an extension of me. Having them there was great, and it took away a lot of my nerves. And I think having Sophie react the way that she did, and how lovely and generous she was with them, that was probably the best first step I could have taken.

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Whose kids are they?

My brother’s kids.

What is your dating history actually like? Your nephews seemed a little confused.

[Laughs] I try not to tell them! Well, I’ve been single for nearly two years, so if you take two years off their lives, their concept of girlfriend-boyfriend is pretty skewed anyway. That’s a lie. I’m pretty sure Liam’s had a girlfriend — I think he’s just trying to appear very available. When he said he’s had zero, I’m not sure I completely believe that. We’re gonna have a good debrief on that one, I’m just waiting for the right time. He’s probably picky!

Or probably gunning for The Bachelor in the future.

Oh yeah, The Bachelor 2045 or something. [Laughs] He’ll be good.

What was your first impression of Sophie?

She’s beautiful. I don’t know whether it comes across on TV, but she has a really beautiful atmosphere about her. As soon as you step into it, she focuses on just you. Obviously, we’re both nervous, and I saw her nerves, and she could see my nerves. But it’s a really safe place, being in her space. She’s very warm, very giving, and you get that very quickly. As long as you’re being honest and true to yourself, she’s gonna meet you halfway.

Have you always been a Sophie Monk fan?

Yeah. Always very proud of her — like any Australian who does well, I’m always proud. What I’ve always known, and what I keep realising, is that she’s just remained true to herself. She didn’t let the industry, or Los Angeles, change the core of who she is. She’s come full-circle — she’s in Queensland again — and she’s someone Australia should really love. She’s such a beautiful person.

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How did you feel when Sophie asked you to take out your man bun, and learning since that she’s not the biggest fan of them?

That’s the laziest hairdo in the world, and on second viewing, it’s like, dude, you’ve gotta do something with your hair. I usually wear hats and stuff. It was funny. But again, I like that she can rib me, and I can rib her back. That’s what it’s all about. It’s the first time you meet a girl, you’re supposed to rib each other a bit.

Would you cut your hair for Sophie?

Absolutely — I’m not too attached to my hair. My hair just looks interesting on TV. It is what it is! I can’t really do much about the hair. I care about what’s on the inside. I would definitely.

With your hair, it looks like you have your hair on the top, but then the man bun bit was just the bottom hair.

Yeah, it’s a weird cluster. I sort of just whip it up, I whip it over — I don’t give it too much thought. It’s just the way it is.

You seem to be quite a big personality — are you always the life of the party?

I pick my spots. The night was actually quite long, and all the guys were really great. It was very exciting — the atmosphere was real, and it was a really exciting, fun night. Sophie had a ball as well. Sophie had a really fun night. I think I just played my part. I think I just did me. It was a good night.

Can you clarify what was swimming in the pool?

I’d had a couple of wines — I saw an otter. It was an otter. And in the footage itself, it still looks like an otter. I’m just sayin’. [The publicist told us it was a wild possum. Soz, Sam.]

Which guys did you click with right away?

I clicked with everyone. I really, really clicked with Luke — I think he’s one of the most down-to-earth, most genuine blokes. Apollo’s a beautiful person — just a warm, kind man. I actually had some really good chats with Ryan as well. I know the episode in its own way kind of played him off the way he was. He doesn’t want to feel he’s wasting his time, and that’s it. There’s a lot of depth to him, and I think that should come out, hopefully. He’s a great guy, a really good guy.

Did any of the guys’ attitudes towards you change when you got the double delight rose?

Yeah, look, it does put a target on my back moving forward, and that’s just the way it is. The thing is, the guys are lovely towards me, and all very kind. Obviously, I’m not privy to what they might say behind my back, but that’s fine, everyone’s entitled to their opinions. By and large, I’ve connected quite well with everyone in the house. We’ll see how it plays out, I suppose!

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Have you seen much of The Bachelorette in the past? How do you feel about dating the same woman as your friends?

I haven’t actually watched it, but I’m aware of the way it goes down. That’s what we’ve signed up for, and I think it’s a matter of rising above that, realising that this entire thing is about Sophie, and she deserves to find someone. At the end of the day, if she was to date this amount of men in the outside world, she’d be ridiculed. This is the best possible way for her to do this, and it’s fair! She’s been hurt, and it’s important that she gets the opportunity to do this. So I’m OK. I’m confident within myself and I’m confident within my connection with Sophie.

How did your application come about?

I can’t really go into too many details about that. I was late coming into the piece. I just came in right at the end.

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Who isn’t there for the same reason as Sophie?

From the first night, it’s really hard to say. I think some people will be there for their own agenda. I think some people are there to promote themselves — which, OK, if that’s the way they’ve gotta go about it… I just hope everyone has it within themselves that they are genuinely there for love, or it is unfair for Sophie.