This 'Bachelorette' fan theory thinks we can tell who's about to get eliminated

We’re dubious, TBH.

By Jessica Chandra

On The Bachelorette Australia, the rose ceremonies are without a doubt the most ~stressful~ part of the show. It’s obviously difficult for Sophie Monk, but spare a thought for the single men waiting to find out whether they’re about to be broken up with on national television. Life’s tough when you’re trying to date the same chick as your mates.

It seems like the eliminations come as a shock, and when we’ve interviewed eliminated contestants in the past, they’ve said things like, “I didn’t see it coming.”

However, one eagle-eyed viewer of the show thinks there’s a way to tell who’s about to get the boot.

Twitter user @SiennaSapphire, who’s quite the observant Bachelorette watcher, and obviously pays more attention to the show than us, noticed that on Thursday’s night’s episode, all of the men had little magnets on their jacket lapels… except for Bingham, who did not receive a rose.


The guys have mini magnets so it’s easy for the Bachelorette to ‘pin’ the roses on their jackets — ah, the magic of TV props!

Here’s a look at what the roses look like c/o Sasha Mielczarek, who was on Sam Frost’s season of the show, and went on to win it.

Based on Sienna’s observation, this makes sense. But at the same time, it doesn’t seem right that the stylists would leave a magnet off one guy’s jacket — like, he’d totally know he wasn’t going to get a rose. As if you wouldn’t just give all of them magnets!

Besides, there have been other instances where men who got eliminated were wearing magnets, which throws this theory down the toilet. And maybe Bingham’s magnet was removed straight after Sophie gave Ryan a rose, so it didn’t look like he had a little stub on his lapel. It’s called editing, people!

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In any case, we might just ask the next guy who gets eliminated just so we can be sure.