Where exactly is ‘The Bachelor Australia’ filmed?

The neighbours are not happy.

By Katie Stow

When we're knee deep into The Bachelor, and spend every single moment of our free time gawking at the screen to see if a ~real~ love story blossoms right in front of our very eyes, we get pretty damn familiar with the Bachelor mansion.

But other than the shots we see of the girls waiting around for the bachelor to rock up and sweep them off their feet, we don't really know anything about the house.

…UNTIL NOW! We've done some snooping to find out every detail we can about the infamous Bachelor mansion.

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Where is ‘The Bachelor Australia’ mansion?

The Bachelor is filmed in a hectic mansion in Glenorie — about an hour's drive northwest of Sydney — but it's only been in this location since Matty J's season.

Before that the Bachelor mansion (where Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards fell in love) was based in Hunters Hill and was reportedly rented out for $25,000 per week.

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When the Bachelor fam relocated to Glenorie, the Hunters Hill residents were chuffed to be losing their rowdy neighbours. A few of them spoke to News Limited saying that they had to, "endure traffic jams, limousines blocking the street and noisy pool parties".

The new location in Glenorie is a little more remote, so hopefully they have fewer neighbours to cheese off.

What is ‘The Bachelor Australia’ mansion like?

The building itself is a two-storey mansion set on over two hectares of land — which include a big ass garden, fancy lawns, a tennis court and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Obvs.

Though that may lead you to think that this was a 20-bedroom set up, there's actually only four bedrooms and three bathrooms (according to This means that over 20 contestants have to fight it out for prime bathroom time every morning.

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The cameramen are actually quite keen to keep certain rooms out of the coverage, with the contestant's rooms being off-limits most of the time. Why, you ask? Well, because they're a bit shit.

Unlike the rest of the splendid mansion that is adorned with fancy furniture and four million flowers, the bedrooms are cramped, drab and a bit of a letdown.

It's also quite well reported that contestents aren't allowed to bring their phones, connect to the internet or watch TV — meaning they're limited to listening to music and talking to each other. Are you now less shocked that they go batshit crazy? What would you be like if all you had to do was talk about your romantic feelings with a handful of other women who are also dating your boyfriend?!


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