Who went home on ‘The Bachelor Australia’ last night and why

And the truth bombs they dropped before they were carted off in the limo.

By Katie Stow

Last night saw the most recent batch of Bachelor drama go down — with kisses galore and an alpaca that we're praying becomes a regular on the show. But, as is Bachie tradition, three lovely ladies were booted off the series when they failed to receive a few petals on a stick at the rose ceremony.

Getting axed from The Bachelor is a pretty rough deal. Not only are you getting dumped by a guy you potentially like, but it's also happening to you in front of the whole goddamn country.

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While Brittany and Brooke scored single dates with The Honey Badger (and some pretty steamy smooches), it was Kayla, Christina and Cayla that were brutally shafted at last night's rose ceremony.

But why were they the un-chosen ones?

It's fair to say that for 25-year-old Kayla and 23-year-old Christina had very little screen time, and therefore probably not a lot of camera-worthy moments with the Bachelor himself.

Not that they didn't try! Kayla jumped in the goddamn pool on night one to catch the Badger's attention. However, it resulted in deafening silence and zero reaction from Nick — leaving Kayla super embarrassed and very soggy.

The major shock departure from the show last night was Cayla. Our home girl was obsessed with crystals and spirits and it was even speculated that she was putting spells on the other contestants. In short, we loved her.

She also was one of the only lasses in the Bachelor mansion that called out bitchy behaviour, with Cayla hitting back at the "snakes" of the house: Cat, Romy and Alisha.

Clearly keen to do one last good deed, when Nick Cummins dumped her, she asked if she could have a little chat with him outside before she left.

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When outside, Cayla spilled the tea about Cat and Romy, claiming they were fake and were just on the show to get famous — hoping it will assist their careers in acting and flogging jewellery.

Cayla was also keen to flag with Nick who were the good options for him over the "snakes", but that offer was met with a casual car door to the face.

However, in an interview Cayla had after she left the Bachelor mansion for good, she revealed who she really thinks The Honey Badger should end up with.

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Here's what she had to say…

What are your feelings towards Nick at this point?
"I honestly hope he finds someone and I wish him luck."

If you had your time over in the house, would you do anything differently?
"I actually thought about that and I wouldn't do anything differently no, I did everything with integrity and I couldn't change that. Maybe wear my high heels to the last rose ceremony."

What was your favourite moment in the Bachelor experience?
"My red carpet arrival, I liked the surprise element seeing it was Nick. It was a really unreal moment."

What would you say was your lowest moment on the show?
"Some of girls were not nice to me."

Who do you think will be the last one standing?
"I think Britt would be the best suited but I don't know if he is going to pick her. The other person would be Rhiannon."

What's next for you out in the real world?
"That's a really hard question, still on the quest to find my somebody."

We hope you find that someone — and that he loves you and your epic crystal collection <3

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