14 things you know if you’re obsessed with makeup

Number three: Walking into Sephora on pay day is a recipe for disaster.

By Erin Cook

1. You won't cry with a full face of makeup

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2. When Priceline do a 40% off sale, shit gets REAL

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3. Walking into Sephora on pay day is a recipe for disaster

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4. You need a foundation for when you’ve fake tanned and when you’re pale

Yes, they’re both completely necessary.

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5. There is no such thing as ‘too many’ makeup brushes

Would you dare tell Picasso he had ‘too many’ brushes?! Didn’t think so…

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6. You’re all about trying new trends from Instagram

But they don’t always work out.

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7. You’re basically a mathematician

Because you know how to work one of these bad boys!

8. You have more palettes than shoes

Sorry not sorry.

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9. Nobody understands your love of highlighter

“It makes my cheekbones pop, awrite?!”

10. You know exactly who Chloe Morello is

AND Jaclyn Hill AND Huda Kattan AND Lauren Curtis.

11. You’ve practised swatching on your own arm

So you’re prepared for when your real career as a beauty blogger takes off.

12. You turned on Instagram notification for Kylie Jenner Cosmetics

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13. You know that Glossier are going to ship internationally soon and you are ~READY~

Need. Cloud. Paint. Stat!

14. You’re too embarrassed to show anyone the contents of your handbag

'Cause it’s just full of lipgloss.

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