Incoming: the next big things in beauty

Here for it.

2018 beauty trends

As far as beauty is concerned, 2017 was a BIG year.

In the hell yeah corner, Fenty Beauty broke the Internet with its 40-shade foundation range (good news: 'inclusivity' is a beauty movement that looks set to get bigger and bigger this year), Hari Nef and Manny Gutierrez paved the way for more diversity in beauty ambassadors and unicorn errrrythang dominated the 'gram and beauty counters.

In short: not an easy year to top. But thanks to these new beauty trends, 2018 is looking mighty fine already.

1. Natural beauty 2.0

Natural beauty isn't a new phenomenon, but it is a booming business as people get more clued up about what they're putting on their face. We predict natural products will dominate beauty hauls in 2018, especially when it comes to natural deodorant (they legit work), natural anti-ageing products (that prove keeping skin wrinkle-free doesn't have to mean invasive treatments) and personalisation (a major trend).

Until now, customised beauty products and routines have been kinda exclusive to boutique buys, but this year personalisation is set to become a key focus in the natural beauty realm - woo! Leading the way is Sukin; the vegan beauty brand believes that everyone's skin is unique and therefore deserves a tailored skincare routine. Smart.

Keen to spread the ~personalised~ message, they've launched an online quiz to help y'all find the best natural products for your skin. For us, it's Sukin Cream Cleanser, Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub and Anti-Pollution Facial Masque, a mix 'n match all-natural trio that makes our skin feel special and self-important. Customisation + natural beauty FTW.

2. Hair sheet masks

From Sailor Moon sheet masks to ones for your fingers, boobs, belly and other body parts, 2017 undoubtedly belonged to the mask. (No sheet, baby.) But this year, your strands are getting a look-in on the masking trend too. Yep, sheet masks for your hair are now a thing. These flat-packed treatments range from wipe-on frizz-fighting sheets that improve shine (try OUAI Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets) to dry shampoo blotting papers (the IGK ones are genius) and long hair packs that heat up and help strengthen your hair. Expect to see them everywhere.

3. Dip-powder nails

Ignore the creepy eyeball nail art that will haunt your dreams and make a beeline for 2018's other hot nail look: dip-powder manicures. After applying a base coat, you dip you nails in a ~magical~ powder that dries to look like regular polish. No curing required. And you get up to three weeks' wear out of it. Check out #dippowdernails for more inspo.

4. Face rollers

ICYMI everyone's frothing over facial rollers RN. The pro skin tool helps boost circulation (oh hai glow), reduce puffiness and gives a strangely satisfying DIY facial massage which probs helps explain why interest in them is up by, wait for it, 345% according to Pinterest. If you're making they see me rollin' your 2018 resolution, here's what you need to know: jade rollers are a traditional Chinese beauty tool designed to reduce puffiness and dark circles; ice rollers can help tighten pores; dermarollers may look like a torture device, but the micro-needling rollers can help your serums etc. absorb and work better. Oh, and if you want the A-list roller, check out ReFa CARAT which makeup artist Pati Dubroff used on Margo Robbie before the Golden Globes.

5. J-Beauty

We have K-beauty to thank for so many of our beauty go-tos (BB cream, CC cream, cushion compacts, essences, sheet masks...) but beauty experts believe it's Japan's time to shine in 2018. Enter: J-Beauty. "So much of what is exciting in K-beauty originally stemmed from Japan," Anna-Marie Solowij, co-founder of Beauty Mart, told Vogue recently. "With a struggling economy and South Korea investing in beauty R&D, K-beauty stole the limelight. Now, with Japan's economy recovering, it will reassert itself." Stocks up on and Japanese exfoliating towels stat.

Brought to you by Sukin. Visit to explore the range, take a short quiz and discover your personal Sukin regime, customised to your skin.