Five makeup trends to watch this year

Spoiler: One glows in the dark.

By Meg Bellemore
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In beauty land, trends come and go as quickly as limited edition lippies, but, then, every so often, there's a set that go viral, and everyone from celebrities to beauty bloggers want to try them on.

Here, the five makeup looks you won't want to quit in 2017.

1. Neon liner

Fluorescent liner, worn on the eye or lips isn't a product as such—it's an effect.

Local makeup artist Genevieve Jauquet used a black liquid lippie as her base, then mixed pink and white neon lipstick shades to create this lit up pout. White lippie traced around the lip line makes it really glow, and the same technique can be used along the lash line.

Obvs, it's not for everyday wear, but, for a festival, nothing's ever looked cooler.

2. Heart eyes

Any trend that comes MAC-approved, we want to try immediately. Tiny, tattoo-like hearts placed directly under the lash-line are the cool-girl detail anyone can achieve. Take a fuchsia pink lip liner, or pink lipstick and lipstick brush, and paint on the delicate design.

3. Contoured lips

TBH, when we noticed the hashtag 'lip contouring' we immediately felt exhausted, BUT, luckily, the latest version of the highlighting and shading trend is tailored to the laziest of lazy girls, aka, us.

Benefit Cosmetics and a bunch of beauty brands are bringing out 2 in 1 lipsticks to make fuller lips achievable in one swipe. Benefit's newest range (available on the 31st of March) features built-in lip liners, lending your lips a polished outline, while YSL Beauty's new Tint In Balm bullets stain the lips in the middle, then graduate to a softer outline, for a 'just-bitten' look.

Regardless of which finish you're after, one thing's for sure—one dimensional lips are so last year.

4. Faux freckles

We've seen them look really obviously drawn on, but we've also seen look incredibly natural, (see above). Freckle tattooing is huge right now, almost as popular as micro-blading, but we're sticking to the subtle, cream eye shadow version of the sun kisses for now.

5. Matte skin

It's back, guys. We really went ham on the highlighters and BB creams last year, and while they're definitely still great, matte-finish skin is having a moment again.
Baking and contouring with powder products over liquids is the long-wear method everyone's turning to for Saturday nigh, and we're all about it.