A comprehensive list of Kylie Jenner’s beauty tips

Because an encyclopaedia is the only way we can keep up.

By Amelia Bowe
A comprehensive list of Kylie Jenner’s beauty tips

Kylie Jenner has built an epic beauty empire and there are tons of lipstick-wearing people who follow her every hair and makeup move. (Us included, after all she does keep things interesting). Not only is she a cosmetics case personified, she’s also created a stash of very coveted beauty loot (AKA her Lip Kits and nail polish collection), with more products to come.

With all that in mind, it makes sense she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve.

So we decided to create a list of the best tips she’s shared, while we wait for a legit book which houses all of Kylie's tips (let’s face it, it’s probably coming).

Here's the almost A-Z:

All-in-one – avoid this type of product

Kylie’s dermatologist revealed that the secret to her flawless skin was avoiding all-in-one products and tinted moisturisers.

They’re “designed to absorb deep into the layers of your skin to hydrate your skin and protect it, but it’s bringing all that pigment with it and that is gonna break you out.”

Boobs – how to make ‘em pop

Kylie Jenner swears a Victoria’s Secret ‘Bombshell’ bra helps boost her cleavage. But in her ongoing quest for the ultimate curves, she’s also admitted to lathering herself with the PureLeef breast plumping lotion.

“@PureLeef's butt enhancement cream and breast plumping lotion stimulate fat cells in the target areas. I started seeing results after only a month of consistent use.”

De-puff – how to soothe your eyes

What’s the point of having A-game eyeshadow if your eyes are puffy? Kylie recommends de-puffing and brightening your eye area by applying clear eye mask patches.

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Ears – how to contour them

Kylie likes having her ears contoured and apparently it can make a real difference if you’re on the red carpet (which is all of us all the time, no?). On her website, Kylie’s makeup artist, Hrush Achemyan, reveals it’s important to make sure your ears are the same colour as your face, so you should extend your contouring efforts out a little further.

Eyeliner – how to get the perfect wing

We thought using sticky tape on your face would be a big no-no, but as Kylie proves, it works a treat at creating the perfect edge for eyeshadow and eyeliner. GENIUS.

Hands – how to keep them looking ~youthful~

Living Down Under, we’re pretty clued up about how harsh the sun’s UVs are, and just how important SPF is, and Kylie happens to agree. She recommends applying sunscreen to your face, neck, décolletage and hands, “Because you can always tell a woman’s age by her hands.”

Hand sanitiser – use it

Kylie travels with the Purell Hand Sanitiser because, HYGIENE. And it’s a beauty habit we should probably consider adopting.

“Because when you’re on planes and stuff, the bathrooms like they say the bathroom water isn’t that sanitary, so I never like wash my hands in the bathroom, I only use Purell.”

Lips – how to plump them naturally

Kylie’s lips are already pretty bee stung (thanks to lip fillers), but she also has a natural trick for making them appear bigger. Apparently, it’s all about pushing your lips out, so no products needed.

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Lip Kit – Kylie’s pout arsenal

Kylie created a lip liner, matte liquid lipstick and lip gloss kit and there’s been so much ongoing demand, it even broke Google. There’s eight different shades of matte liquid lipsticks in total (and three shades of the gloss) – some named after family members – and people just can’t get enough of them. You’ve just been schooled in Kylie’s Lip Kits.

Moisturiser – how to apply it the Kylie way

Kylie does not apply her moisturiser like a mere mortal who uses their hands. Ugh, no. Kylie is fancy and uses a brush. Apparently buffing it in makes for a more flawless foundation application.

Nails – how to keep them on fleek

If you’re staring at your nails and you feel they need a spruce, look no further than right here for all your Kylie nail inspo. Her nails are always #Goals and it’s something Kris instilled in her from a very young age.

Perfect 365 – how to edit your selfies

Kylie loves a selfie and her trick to taking the ultimate one is using the Perfect 365 app. Does a makeover app make the want/need for makeup redundant? NEVER.

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Pimples – how to treat them

Not even Beauty Queens are immune to breakouts, including Kylie, who taught us that she treats her spots with Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion. She gave us an application demonstration which was so soothing to watch, we swear any inflammation we had all of a sudden calmed down.

Sinful Colors – her nail polish collection collaboration

Thanks to Kylie Jenner and her collaboration with Sinful Colors, everyone’s manicures are now eligible for a bomb update.

Skin – how to make it flawless

Kylie’s dermatologist revealed that less product is more when it comes to keeping your complexion glowing – so simplifying your bathroom regime is the (Kylie) way to go.

Shaving Balm – how to use it on oily skin

If you’re prone to oily skin, Kylie’s got you covered. She recommends using men’s shaving balm as a primer before foundation, to help combat oil flow and to create a matte finish.

Smokey Eyes – how to create a rock star look

To amp up your eyes, Kylie suggests creating a sexy, smudged smokey eye. You gotta bake your under eyes, trace your lash line and blend your shadow over the top, smudge away for the ultimate rock star look. Then line your bottom lashes with bronzer. Finish with falsies and a lick of mascara.

Tan – how to make it flawless

Kylie Jenner’s been whipping colour onto her skin for yonks now, so she knows a thing or two about creating a flawless tan.

“I always get spray tans and if you get spray tans, you know that it kind of comes off on your face first,” Kylie explained. “So this is kind of a little rejuvenation and just like you spray it, you leave it overnight and it kind of just makes your face tan again.”

Teeth – how to make them brighter

While Kylie does go to a dentist for a profesh whitening, she also recommends using whitening strips or coconut oil – her “bae” – for oil pulling to achieve brighter teeth.

Vitamin E oil – to moisturise and rejuvenate

Kylie recommends using a ‘pharmacy’ Vitamin E oil to keep your skin hydrated.

“I put it on my face and it’s kind of like moisturising and rejuvenating. If you have stretch marks forming or anything, it’ll help with that too.”

Wigs – how to rock them

Kylie changes her hair like regular people change their underwear and she has a whole shelf in her Glam Room dedicated to all of her incredible wigs. And we genuinely anticipate a new hue. Don’t judge.

To keep her real hair healthy, she apparently takes supplements...

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