An Ariana Grande-Inspired Bath Bomb Is On Its Way And We Honestly Can’t Wait

So you too can bathe like a goddess.

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas
ariana grande god is a woman bath bomb

We're guessing you've probably seen Ariana Grande's music video for her new single, 'God Is A Woman. And if you haven't, what have you been doing?! You're missing out on a shit ton of Ari-style biblical references, screaming beavers and the singer doing some pretty sexual things to planet earth.

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But the part of the video that's really catching people's eye is a series of scenes showing Ari writhing around in a vulva-shaped, pasted-toned pool.

In fact, people were so mesmerised by the swirls of pink, blue and sea foam colours she bathed in that they though it was a low-key ad for Lush Cosmetics' newest bath bomb.

Twitter user @grandeslite even slid into Lush's DMs requesting that they create a bath bomb that resembled the multi-coloured pool so she could "bathe feeling like a goddess."

Word got to Lush HQ real quick, and within days of the video being released, the bath bomb experts were on the job to create their take on a 'GIAW' bath product.

Over the last few days, the company's Chief Digital Officer, Jack Constantine, has been posting early prototypes of the bath bomb on Instagram.

IMAGE CREDIT: @lush_jack
IMAGE CREDIT: @lush_jack


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TBH, we're not totally shocked about Lush's moves to make this bath bomb — the brand's connection with musical artists does run deep after all. In July last year, speculation around whether the pink bathwater on Harry Styles' self-titled album cover was indeed a Lush product.

Although the millennial-toned swell wasn't owed to the brand, they sure were proud people thought so, identifying their 'sex bomb' product as a dupe and sending 100 of them Hazza's way.

John Mayer has even written a love song about Lush's best-selling bath product, which went something like this: "Jelly bombs excreting / All the things my body's needing / As I climb into the bath / Because my back just took a beating." That one really hit us right in the bath-loving feels.

If you're not excited about the 'GIAW' bath bomb, Ariana sure is!