Every single tattoo Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have gotten for each other

They already have nine inkings between them.

By Katie Stow

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are currently holding the top spot for most rushed romance of 2018 (with Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber swooping in at number two). The pair hooked up shortly after Ariana's breakup with long-term love Mac Miller and within weeks Pete popped the question and the Side To Side singer said yes.

Though they have cemented their romance with a giant diamond ring, they have also taken the ~next step~ and had not one, but multiple, tattoos in honour of each other.

But what does a couple who have been going out for just a handful of months get permanently inked onto their skin for one another? Good question, sir. Apparently, the answer is nine somewhat vague and somewhat heartfelt inkings of teeny tiny things.

Scroll through this ever-growing list of every single tattoo Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have got for each other.