Say goodbye to your savings: ASOS are launching a makeup line

ASOS Make-Up will be available from September 25.

By Erin Cook

When it comes to our love of all things ASOS, the connection runs DEEP. The online retailer has been there for us through good times and bad. Having a bad day? Buys something on ASOS to feel better. Promotion at work? Buys something on ASOS to celebrate. Bored? Buys something on ASOS just because.

Now, thanks to the launch of ASOS Make-Up, we have yet another reason to spend our hard earned cash online.

On September 25, ASOS Make-Up will go on sale and TBH, we’re losing our shit over here. The first collection of products is going to be a doozy, ft. 46 shades highly pigmented liquid lipsticks, matte lipstick shades, contouring palettes, shimmery eyeshadows, highlighting palettes, chubby sticks and bronzers.

The entire range is affordable with nothing priced over $20. In that case, we’ll take one of everything, thanks!

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