Bachelor in Paradise: Keira gets rid of her lip fillers and looks TOTALLY different

What a change.

Bachelor in Paradise managed to turn Keira from a TV villain to the people's champion. Her sassy comments and actually quite-lovely relationship with Jarrod officially moved us to #TeamKeira, and we're bloody big fans now.

As big ol' fans, you may have noticed that post-Paradise, Keira has looked a little different — like something is missing… Well, you're right, because he lips have gone. Not gone, gone, but her lip fillers have been removed!

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Before she went into Paradise, Keira decided to top up her cosmetic surgery count by getting half a millilitre of filler injected into her lips — but things went a bit skew-whiff and she ended up with over 2 millilitres in her pout instead!

According to Woman's Day, Keira was devastated with the results, and hated the way she looked on the show.

This was something that Tracey Jewel, from Married At First Sight, experienced after watching back her series — so Keira and her lips are not alone!

Post-Paradise and pre-wedding, Keira decided to visit Dr Ashley Granot in Melbourne (where she now lives with Jarrod) to get her filler dissolved. These were the epic results.

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But what does Keira's hubby-to-be think of her new-old lips? Well, according to Keira (through Women's Day) Jarrod is a BIG FAN! Here's what she had to say about it.

Keira has admitted to having other cosmetic surgeries before this lip change, and you can track every single procedure, here:

Also, have a sneaky look at Keira and Jarrod's wedding shoot — where you can see her new-old lips in all their glory!